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re: I know nothing about Svelte, so two noob questions. Svelte syntax looks like Vue (no revolution here). If I get it right, the main benefit of usi...

I'm a noob too, and I've never used Vue, but my understanding is:

  1. Yes it's very similar to Vue in syntax, but to be honest I never liked Vue's boilerplate and template syntax. Svelte uses a different template syntax that reminds me of Mustache. And in Svelte, you just use local variables instead of needing to use new Vue boilerplate to define your props and methods. Even if Svelte wasn't compiled, I would prefer it to Vue.

  2. They have a blog post explaining this:

    Svelte has many aspects — outstanding performance, small bundles, accessibility, built-in style encapsulation, declarative transitions, ease of use, the fact that it's a compiler, etc — that focusing on any one of them feels like an injustice to the others. 'Cybernetically enhanced' is designed to instead evoke Svelte's overarching philosophy that our tools should work as intelligent extensions of ourselves — hopefully with a retro, William Gibson-esque twist.


Thanks for the answer, it's much clearer now.
I guess I need to read William Gibson books or re-watch Johnny Mnemonic movie to feel the atmosphere of Svelte 😂

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