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What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on August 09, 2019

👋👋👋👋 Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small 🎉 Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a p... [Read Full]
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This week, I....went through 350+ issues in the DEV repo and updated (most) of them with appropriate labels!



That gif is very literally me. I got a label maker for Christmas last year and now pretty much everything in my life has a label.


Launched my second Product on Product Hunt and it was trending #1 and finally ended being #3 Product of the day. 🥁
Here it is:


Looks cool! @grv19 mind sharing your traffic stats from the PH spike?
More interested in how you got there, tactics, strategies etc.


I finished my first C++ project today. It plays Battleship with you, and this morning my automated computer player beat me in an honest match.

Take that, me.


I submitted the title and abstract for my upcoming talk. 🎉🎉🎉

The title slide for my talk

Title: A Disabled Dev’s Journey
Abstract: Every company wants to be first to market, but that's only one part of a product's success. Companies often consider accessibility too time-consuming or difficult to put into place without remembering that meeting customer needs is what keeps them in the market. This talk will cover my experience advocating for accessibility as a disabled developer and why there's no excuse for treating it as an edge case.


Good luck! Which conference did you submit this talk to?


Thank you! It's actually for a local Python meetup. It'll be my first one ever so it'll be a little bit before I submit to any conferences. I need some practice first! 🤩


I got accepted into M.A in Electrical Engineering and this week I solved my first example on my own from the new material (on Fourier Series).


Released a post that got quite a lot of attention (111 reactions so far). I’m quite happy about it. Will try to post more stuff for beginners :)


Wow, that's an impressive number, 111 reactions. Congrats!


I finally updated my ebook and released the second version yesterday! It made it to front page of HN (

The ebook is free to download through this weekend.


I got promoted! Now I lead software engineering at my company! 🥳


So may I ring the bell? 😉 Congratulations! Good luck with your new role!


The development team at my company is currently a small group of two (me and my manager) and my manager has been out of town for the entire week - I didn't blow up anything or need any major assistance. I consider that a huge win!


Sure thing! What a dev you and your team are. Congrats!


Finally I've felt complete on my first time "ricing" my stuff. Learnt more on Arch Linux (and Linux in general), completely changed my dev setup, and did a lot of research for the individual tools I'm going to use. It's feel quite unproductive during the week but the first phase of the whole process is finally done and felt comfortable to continue and improve this setup over time.

Here's the resulting output of the setup. You can also see my config files on GitHub.

EDIT: For more examples, you can visit /r/unixporn. Feedback is appreciated. :D


Released my app Uteroo this week. Had this app idea back in 2016. I want it to help educate girls, women,and the non-binary in South Africa about menstrual health, since it's such a taboo. It is mostly aimed at those that menstruate. The app is only available in South Africa and Botswana for it's initial release, but more info can be found at ☺️


Discovered Gatsby and Netlify, then deployed my portfolio using both technologies ✨! Still making some changes, but at least it's better than nothing 😅


Yas! How did you get started with those? Gatsby has been on my list to learn for a while but it on my to do list.


Hey there ✨Their documentation is AWESOME I basically followed this tutorial. Took me 2 hours to finish the tutorial and then a couple more to do the portfolio. Basically, you can documentation+portfolio in a day ✨✨
They also show you how to deploy to Netlify 😄. Everytime you push to the master branch it does the build/deployment AUTOMATICALLY and bam your site is live 🎉

Hope this helps :))


I got a ton of work done on my portfolio site's redesign and am stoked to finish it next week


Got my article published on and had a chance to speak to their incredibly eloquent and inspiring copywriter

maryvorontsov image

I didn't even plan for something like this to happen, and it profoundly changed some preconceived notions about myself.

Also, I accepted a new job, got more benefits than I asked for (maybe because I didn't even ask for the job, let alone benefits/wage) and started resolving some personal issues.

I kicked myself in the ass to spark a much needed change.


I got 96.03% code coverage on my big project at work! It was the first time I used a code coverage tool.


Enhance a tool to generate 10+ JAMstack and Python apps.
The whole process took < 2h


I had first kinda informative interview session.

I really thought I will skip this week since I am on holiday and didn't do anything.
However, actually, something weird happened.
On a train, I yielded a place for a suitcase to another person. After that, when I saw that person, they were covered with MS logo whole over his garment and accessories. I started to ask a question and it led up to more question. It was a really helpful time. And, it was much more than 20min as a usual formal session.
God bless the kind stranger.

  • I made my first system dashboard for a medical services app that am working on :)
  • Added an animation for my portfolio, although i didn't publish the whole thing yet.

Got my legal name & gender marker change 🎉

In Indiana, that counts as a BIG win. It takes a lot of time, money, and worst of all, paperwork.


Reading everyone's wins made me smile. Better now after been sick for 8 days + no access to PC. I'm just glad to be eating solid food again.


I've been slowly learning to code via freecodecamp and today I finished my first project toward my Responsive Web Design certificate. I know it's small potatoes for most folks here, but I made a simple web page from scratch and I'm feeling proud of myself!


Hit 40 days of 100 days of code, completed one more FCC Front End challenge, about to wrap up another once I finish styling, leaving me with just one more left before I get the cert stating I finished their curriculum. Learned CSS grid (sort of, will definitely need to review and try out some mini projects to see if I remember what I learned). Excited to spend my time focusing on JS once I finish the "certification" for FCC Front end most likely tomorrow. Finally!


Finally plucked up the courage to publish on here! Interested in formatting large numbers in Python? I have the article for you:

Hopefully someone will find it useful - it was new to me!

My big win this week was hitting 1k followers on! I also figured out that a project I have been working on is going to actually be possible to make! I'm very excited.


I’ve been programming in Swift for iOS for awhile now, but I published my first Swift Package this week!


Released a project first phase after almost 1 year of development.


Implemented Stripe's Strong Customer Authentication for my company.
Shoutout to Stripe's documentation, it's pure love <3

  • Created a Discord bot in Crystal
    • Uses GitLab CI to build and push a docker image
    • Deployed to a Linode machine running with docker-compose

After half a decade, I am leaving the "freelancer" life behind and have been hired full-time at a super early-stage startup (I'm the 2nd/3rd developer and 13th/14th total employee) as a Software Engineer! It is a huge change in my life and I am very excited! I start August 19th and am spending the next week helping my clients transition!!


My first week where I managed/mentored a junior dev. She is supporting me on one of the projects I am wqorking on and it was so much fin to review her code and pair code with her.
If you have any recommendations or any advice on good technical leadership let me know :)


Submitted a CFP after a long time to DesignUp conference in Bangalore. It was scarier because I'm an engineer and NOT a designer. Hopefully, I get accepted and get to talk about an engineer's perspective on UI/UX design.


Gave an internal lightning talk at work about Side Effect and Composition inspired by a book I'm reading.

Went pretty well so I might also do a blog post on the same topic soon.


I started the 100 Days of Code challenge! I’m sick of my job, I want to be employable as a junior DEV by May.


✅Redesigned my personal website!
✅made a new logo for myself!
🎨The Redesign!

I've never done a full redesign, I broke up the design and development throughout 5 days, but the days felt like the longest days ever, I would say this is my biggest win of the summer! 🙌🏼


I set up my blog this week and I am really happy about it.


Getting more into React Native, stuff is making sense!


My Trello Power-Up had over 600 daily active users this week 🤩 Pretty amazed that it's gotten this far, there's still a couple of improvements I want to make to it!


I bought a vacuum cleaner and cleaned my apartment ¯_(ツ)_/¯


We finished all the tasks of bug fixing, UI improving and tests before the first release of our project a week early. And after many many issues our baby GIS app is working beautifully <3


I wrote my first e2e test for CLI tool we are developing.

Which im much less proud of after reading all the great things people achieved this week in the comments section. :)


I wrote a plugin in Java (normally I'm 70% C#/30% JavaScript) that communicates with an API at the enterprise and starts an NServiceBus Saga I wrote =)


Got a job as a Fiber Arts Instructor, Part Time...also, I cleaned my house!


An Extinction Rebellion chapter officially launched in the city I live in 😈


I made significant progress on my CLI app yesterday. I was worried about being behind, since I was AFK most of the week, but I should be fine. Today will be for refining and restoring.


This week, I..downloaded Notion and started listing what I need to do. And today, I felt a strong urge to actually work on each item on the list


I won a vacation and time to be with my daughter.
I have gained time.


Never got to use Identity with .Net Core previously - this week I was able to conquer Identity in Core 2.2, seed and customize roles.


I lunched my first Vue.js Plugin!! I'm sooo happy! :)

BTW, it's a Directive helping you downloading files that are under a protected route schema, easily.


I had a job interview to be the Tech Director for my local library and it went really well!


First week of being live. Over 100 people exported codebases and one even has theirs in production now. It's a start :)


Found a paid tool, ended up making it myself & made it open source. GSON


Finished a RoR Graphql API side project weeee


I made some advances into my current new "weekend project"! And now I think it's almost finished.


Closed 12 issues on Github!!! I called it a big win!

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