What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on April 12, 2019

Hey, you made it to Friday!

Looking back, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄
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This week, I... started a new job!


Congratulations and good luck.


This week, I... started doing office hours with the tech community and it was a great way to meet people and learn from them! Also, a great way to break up the day working remote!


It's nice to be let out of the cage every once and a while, huh?


That's awesome!

I do office hours for my company's tech reps, too. It's a lot of fun. We should compare notes!



This week, I...had fun with this tweet:



That is a great way to get contributors on board fast :-)


This week, I made my first OSS pull request to this very site! Thanks to Jess for posting that on Twitter. I ALSO figured out how to scrape all of my full-size photos off of Facebook so I can finally leave that platform foreverrrr - and I think that might be my first blog post on Dev.to 🎉



Oh, I look forward to that post!


Please, make sure you write the post, been looking for a way to do this and on Instagram as well


This week, I made my first custom React hook. 🎣 Lots of fun and not that difficult.

Cool stuff Tom. You could even make a custom hook to wrap up all that logic. I made a simple demo here if you're interested. Sidenote, this is the first time I create a hook. 😉

Funny Chris Farley


This week, I...accepted an offer at a new company, quit my job and took an extra 2 weeks in between to recharge and rock climb in Yosemite!



Yes!!! Which route(s) are you taking?


Hoping to do The Prow and Lurking Fear!


This week, Our open source product dragula got 1000+ users. Also, we started working on another free product for Developers called Moddoc, coming this month.

sarthology / dragula

🦇 Free Stock Images on Steroids


🦇 A simple toolbar to drag and drop images from unsplash to anywhere.


1. Drag and Drop image anywhere

Simply drag and drop image anywhere. It supports all the software that has drag and drop image options that includes all Adobe Softwares, Microsoft Office etc.

2. Use Original to drop image with original size

Dragula use smart edits to give a perfect landscape image that you can use, but in case you want to use the full image click original to see the original unedited version.

3. Search Image

You can also search random images form dragula. Just type the keyword and enter, easy as that.

4. Copy image as Markdown

If you use Markdown, get markdown image code copied on your clipboard by just a click.

5. Download image

Download image to your download folder by just one click.


Before running this locally you must…


This week, I...
Sat and Passed my Microsoft AZ-100 Exam!


This week, I...combined a quote API with an Anime Image API. The result is an Anime Quote Maker! It's easy for anyone to play around with, using random settings or aiming for something specific. codepen.io/max1128/full/VNPxOJ

Instead of a GIF, here's an image from the project in question. Took about three minutes of searching and adjusting to get it :D


This week, I lived through a really difficult meeting, and made a PR for dev.to!

four wrestlers celebrating with drinks and a title belt


This week, I... did a Conway's Game of Life in Elm without any testing. Once the compiler told me that everything was good, everything was.



Cool!!! Im jealous. I’m hoping I can start doing a similar thing with React + TypeScript. I admire elm a lot but I think my coworkers would die if they had to go full FP. TypeScript lets me write immutable, one-way-bound code but I can still make it look “imperative-like.” (But i kinda wish I was doing Elm). Have you tried using the Readonly types of TypeScript?


No I did not, I used TypeScript on my own and loved it but I was having weird problem. I think my comprehension of TS is not perfect. I’m not doing Elm at job either, only for personal projets but I wish we do. I’m currently moving my team from Ruby to Elixir which is already, some coworkers does not see the real benefits. With TypeScript or Elm we would have the same problem, when I talked about TypeScript, they told me « All it gives is type? What is the gain? »

I tried to explain but still.. Anyway, I will be working on a transition to TypeScript soon!

Yea you’re right. It’s hard to explain the benefits like immutability.


This week, I...participated in my second hackathon and wrote my first Dev.to post about it!!

spongebob happy


This week, I convinced my company to Open Source a couple of libraries we have been working on. Hopefully the community will be welcoming and this will encourage us to open source even more!

The project is at github.com/Paciolan/remote-component if anyone wants to take a peek!

Cheerleader Cat


That’s awesome that you were able to convince your company to go open source. That must have been a difficult conversation. But way to go you for helping the community! Cool idea with the remote react component btw. It reminds me of the remote import features of Deno.


That must have been a difficult conversation.

Surprisingly, they were all in. After getting the okay from the higher ups, management was on board!

Ya. It is kinda deno style. I just checked deno out a few days ago.


This week, I... decided to become more active on DEV.TO after lurking for too long AND I spoke at a conference, a thing I usually avoid because it scares me so much 😬


Wow, kudos to a great week!


This week, I was dealing with a major disruption issue on a client network caused by a new malware. It took a lot of diagnostics and effort to get rid of it. I posted about it this morning if you're interested.


This week, I...wrote my first dev.to post!



This week, I completed Part 3 of my "Build a chat application in Dart" tutorial series. I had put that off for many months and after several requests I got the motivation and finished it off!

Fun cactus


Definitely checking it out.

Started with Aqueduct this week.


This week, I wrote five functions that directly manipulated memory in a data structure we've been working on. I had NO compiler errors, NO memory errors (Valgrind pure), and the exhaustive tests for all five functions passed without a hitch...on the first shot!

Twelfth Doctor playing electric guitar


This week, My girlfriend and I got approved for a new apartment! Our current lease is up at the end of the month so we've got time to pack up and clean everything.


I blogged on Dev.to and I got a few reacts. It gave me goosebumps.


This week, I... implemented a toolbar using MotionLayout in Android! There's not a whole lot of documentation on it, so it was a good challenge to have to dig through and understand what I was supposed to do an why.


This week, I...

Dived into an Objective-C code base (I learned Swift) and did not break the build!


This week, I... was able to setup my online personal notebook to be up and running on the net with TiddlyWiki (thanks to @bimlas for recommending it to me :) ) and Travis CI (kinda overkill as I could've used a simple shell script but I want to use for the moment XD).

I'm so excited to take notes with it! >_<

Currently just polishing it to make it more readable and easier to navigate on mobile phones.

SpongeBob moving his arms up and down in total excitement  -,-


I'm glad you like it! -^ You may be interested in saving to GitHub directly (work in progress, not ready yet, but I hope it will be available in the next release of TiddlyWiki):


Note that this works only on single HTML wikis at least for now.


This week, I have started a new blog series in dev.to and continue my teaching journey. My goal is to improve my writing, learning and teaching skills in javascript, react and GraphQL

My ongoing series,


This week, I... learned more about AWS CloudFormation that makes me like it less and less. But such is life sometimes.


I feel ya. I occasionally get a “can’t roll back cloudformation stack” error with Serverless that leaves me feeling very powerless.


Ran into that a couple times as well. I feel like CF could be great; but AWS has more important things to work on. :(


This week, I... won Magic the Gathering Modern event at the local game store!


Can't post this without a archetype!


This week, I wrote three articles for DEV! I’m having so much fun interacting with the community and meeting lots of fun folk 🙌

Here’s to many more 🍻


This week, I got started with the Aqueduct framework which is based on the Dart programming language.

And blogged about it



This week, I...
Construct two page of wechat mini program and fixed some bugs. My productivity is great and I feel satisfied. On the other hand I communicated a girl on the web and feels good.


This week, I... finally figured out how to get our gitlab & docker swarm to integrate their container registries and how to mangle all of our various .env/configs/etc into images and deployments that can be used in a production swarm. I should probably document it at some point... ;-)


This week, I... paid my car note weeks ahead, and have been thinking about learning to code.
It truly looks like a different language but learning new things and getting good at them is a passion. My friend brought up a cool app idea
Why not create it myself? Or create something cool in general from nothing? Any videos or where should I go to get started on this journey of understanding and learning to code? I have way too much time to watch Netflix to not be getting ahead in my own life


This week, I learnt automated testing for the first time ever! It was very enjoyable.


This week, I... ported the light version of Sarah Drasner's Night Owl to Sublime Text. And so Night Owl for Sublime reached 1.0 release, and also for a brief moment was the number one trending package on Package control.


This week, I had my first technical interview.
It was a great experience.
I learnt that writing more readable code matters more than writing the code quickly and how much important that is when working in a team.
And also knowing a framework is not enough but understanding how the framework internally works matters a lot in real life programming.


This week, I...

  • discovered how good non-dairy milk is. I can eat muesli for breakfast again.
  • found a bug nobody gave a F about, again. I'm waiting for the client to spot it and go haywire.
  • finished a book and started two others. One of them is The Gene: An intimate history - I highly recommend this one.

This week, I wrote a little python script to open dev.to from the terminal 😅 😄



Literally 7 days ago, i started a blog about regenerative medicine using wordpress, threw some articles up, posted 2 on reddit, and already have about 5 regular readers, and i'm using a crappy default wordpress layout, so it's impressive that anyone is taking a 7 day old blog seriously.

I had a feeling that the subject matter of the blog would fill an important niche. Seeing people enjoy the blog while it still looks unprofessional is really encouraging. I can't wait to hack on the layout this weekend and up my game.


This week, I pulled off the alpha run of an API easter egg hunt for clients. It's a way of helping noobier clients learn the basics of REST APIs while providing some distraction for more advanced clients during other conference events they're less likely to enjoy. It went pretty well, there was a lot of insight gain, and folks even had some fun. It looks like it will generate some enthusiasm for the beta and then for the big reveal in July.


This week, I... Finally had time to tidy my desk for the first time in forever. I also finally got time to tidy up my support tickets, most of whom was finished anyway, just needed the final formal touch. I guess its spring! Spring cleaning!!


This week, I... Finally delivered a MVP to the nonprofit we've been working with! I was the team lead in the Bits of Good org at Georgia Tech this semester, and I was thrown into a project that's been scrapped and restarted for a few semesters now. I made time for regular video calls with our npo partner, DrawChange, to demo new features and get an idea of her vision for the project.

Was pretty hard to find good meeting times for the team and assign issues that played to everyone's strengths (while also being descriptive enough to help everyone out), but in the end it was a success! 🥳

Tyler the Creator and Eric Andre jamming out


This week, aside two hours on Friday afternoon, I can only remember being in meetings and reviewing code... which feels like my team is being productive and I'm taking the hit for them !



This week, OdessaJS announced me as speaker, it's my first ever conference talk.



This week, if only one other developer finds out how awesome scrollIntoView is I feel like I have won!


because I got to be watching some Game of Thrones.


This week, (last Weds) I gave a talk on arrays and JS, and how you can do powerful things with them, the spread operator, arrow functions, etc.

I realized a thing about sort(), and idly asked Brendan Eich about it on Twitter.

He answered me.


This week, I...within my new team (as all of my coworkers did after a big team shuffle). I also began rewriting the services we own to Kotlin. And that is a real positive experience!

The amount of stuff you can do in a couple of lines of Kotlin is amazing!


This week, I... added the first test on the project I am working on

a penguin on his way


This week, I...just got hired! I started re-learning to code in sept-oct last year and I just landed my first dev job last week!


This week, I finally finished a project that had been kicking my butt for WEEKS.


This week, I...posted my first article on dev.to 😎


This week, I...

Put in my two weeks! It's kind of bittersweet because I love my team, but the new place is a much better fit culturally. I'm really excited about it!


This week, I finally defined a docker, docker-compose dev/production architecture for the company, now we just follow the guide.


This week, I gave my second ever conference talk! Whoo!

Obama mic drop gif


This week, I learned grpc


This week, I...
managed to survive with my wife being sick, and therefore managing the house/6 month old without help.



This week, I create my first WASM script and he works!


This week, I went to my first conference! It was a good experience, and I think I learned a lot about what I want out of a conference.


This week, I removed a few hundred lines of code while refactoring a central part of our product. Always feels great to do some house cleaning


This week, We took down two presidents. :D
Hail the Sudanese revolution.
I know it's out of context, but meh...



This week, it became official - I've been promoted to senior!


This week, I gave yet another talk about Web Components. Once again not in my native language, but in English. Raising the bar for myself 💪


This week, I... Gave a talk about React Suspense at Amazon! (Post coming soon)



This week, I... well it's actually the next week but still, I got my first ever raise and finished a project :D


This week, I...
got to the intership and mentorship
meet new friends...


This week, I finally finished this seemingly simple code change that turned into a PR that kept on changing.


This week, I did my first tech talk!

It was about AWS Amplify at the local AWS UserGroup :)



This week, I...finally got NodeJS and Git installed on the shared PC I use. I'm really excited to get into build tools such as webpack.


This week, I Became a mentor at my bootcamp :)


This week, I...attended DrupalCon Seattle!


This week, I released a private beta of the new product I'm working on!


This week, I...finish the v2.0 of my Project razeft.herokuapp.com/ the next update i make a DB so people can register and login and other stuff


This past week I upgraded our application to log4j2, and added detailed variables to our logging context to better help as we move toward aggregation with splunk


This week, I...published my first Article.
It's a start :)



This week, I started my journey toward full stack through udemy videos. Currently I am a junior frontend developer. :)


This week, I... qualified as a Community First Responder


This week, I...put my resume on here to get reviewed and got a ton of good feedback! Now it's time to fix everything 🤣

Working monkey


This week, We took down two presidents. :D
Hail the Sudanese revolution.
I know this is out of context, but meh...


This week, I...

  • finished my 2nd week at my new job (as a WP dev)
  • learned and started my first project using SASS (why did it take so long?)
  • built the companies first WP theme framework (instead of using divi)
  • planned my first holiday in 5 years
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