What was your win this week?

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Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„

Happy Friday!

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This week, I...'hunted' the DEV Android app on Product Hunt! Big shoutout to @maestromac who lead the project. Definitely one of the more special weeks we've had -- lots of wins as a team with lots of merged PRs πŸ˜‰

Personally, I tried out a new kickboxing gym where they didn't just have you hit a bag, but each other! I loved it.



This week, I finally figured out how to solve a semi-technical problem that I've been battling off-and-on for over a month. It required some lateral thinking, tons of trial/error, and many frustrating dead ends before finally arriving at an elegant solution that will be scalable and maintainable going forward.

My reaction upon realizing it was all going to work:
such relief


This week, someone that I'm mentoring completed a big Python project! I'm in awe of their passion and work ethic. They inspire me 😊.

an excited dear


This week, I...

  • Made quiche
  • Made guacamole
  • Went off social media for days (feels great)
  • Got weeks of clean laundry put away
  • Jumped right back into the saddle with exercise after traveling
  • Am keeping my head just above water with traveling, working, coding, blogging, and speaking commitments (how did I let all this pile up in a 2-week timeslot?), which is better than not managing it!
  • Implemented my first coding project using a "stack" data structure (turning a timestamped log file into an XML tree)

Guacamole... that's like a year's worth of win!


I learned basic 3D design in SketchUp, and started designing a coffee table I'm going to start building this weekend!


Don't forget the progress pictures!

That top panel will be a bit of a challenge in precision cuts.


Here's the top, all cut, but unfinished:

Day 1 progress

By the magic of unintentional mathematics, the angles on the top ended up being exactly 22.5 degrees, which is easily marked out on my chop saw and so everything fit together quite nicely. I've got the rest of the wood cut too, but by that it was too dark for the pics to turn out.

I plan on writing up an article here in a couple weeks when it's finished about what programmers can learn from woodworking (with many more progress pics), so stay tuned for that!


This week, I finally gathered enough energy to publish my first independent tech blog post about my experience of going to React Amsterdam on my own! πŸŽ‰

I did it!


This week, my girlfriend and I finished moving into our new apartment! We're super stoked about it. A lot more space for us and the cats, plus a washer and dryer in unit πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ (fuck the laundromat). It's great!


My team got through all of the incremental improvements that I proposed to unify a legacy cruise pricing system. It will be nice not having to work with a different copy-pasted-modified set of spaghetti code for each cruise line in the future.

red panda working out


This week, I...

Moved my legacy project from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1. Now I can finally use scalar type hints and upgrade some of the packages!


This week, I

  • Worked on a new deployment strategy for my client's Microsoft Windows PCs,
  • Worked on Rspamd to fight spam emails for new servers,
  • And most importantly, submitted a new PR to dev.to. It's not a big deal or a major contribution but it feels great to see my contribution in action every time I go to my dashboard. You guys are awesome.

Poor Internet connection, no gif for you today. :)


This week...

  • I started to use LaTeX for my technical notes. It's pretty friggin cool, I'm excited to experiment with this to make some wonderful notes with it! :)
  • I've started to review my mathematics with Octave. Definitely rekindling my love for mathematics. I've been looking forward to learn WebGL with it next (maybe).
  • I've added a search feature for my Freebies Hunt website and fixed a couple of issues from it.

I'd say it's a pretty awesome week. Looking for a momentum to keep moving up. :)


This week, I...

Reanimated code that I haven't touched in like 4 months. A lot of mental energy went into this because I was scared that it won't run, or it will return some weird results.

I am working on scientific paper and thesis, so stress is moderate.

At the end code was OK, I fixed minor bugs, and start making progress again.


This week, I managed to get IBM Speech-to-Text working for a group project. There is still a lot left to work out, though πŸ˜…


I transitioned a legacy system from synchronous polling to a new implementation of asynchronous message brokers. This sped up the processing of items from 4x to 100x depending on the environment, while learning the ins-and-outs of message broker design and implementation.


This week, I was awarded a scholarship and also finished my first mobile web app for my course ☺️

Booker T


This week, I finally solved the issue of clearing blank cells in a minesweeper clone using Recursion. I started a MineSweeper clone using React that I imaginatively called "React Sweeper" and after some finagling, I got most of it to work.

Except for clearing blank cells.

For those of you who don't know MineSweeper, when you click on a blank cell, all the adjacent blank cells clear, as well as the numbers around the edge of the area. I knew the way to implement this would probably be recursion, but I had trouble figuring it out.

I sat on it for a month.

I came back to it this afternoon and finally got it to work. At first I used Array methods, like .map, but that turned out to be very slow, because it resulted in an array that had arrays in it, and flattening such an array got expensive. My largest minesweeper grid would crash because it got too slow. So I replaced .map with an old school for(;;) loop, which helped me avoid having to flatten the array and sped everything up significantly. Now clearing the largest grid still has a small noticeable delay, but less than a second.

It is now complete. It is my first time actually using npm run build on a React App, and my first time deploying a React app to Netlify.

It uses React Router, Styled-Components, CSS Grid and CSS Flexbox.

Game: reactsweeper.netlify.com
GitHub: github.com/jckuhl/reactsweeper


This week, I was able to find a way to speed up our build. Someone before me thought that having a cmake configuration that checks github.com and our internal git repo (and updates dependencies to master without asking you) each time you run compilation is a great idea. I've found a way to leave the default behavior as it is and to implement completely offline experience on demand (for me, personally). I'll code it over the weekend and be happy :)


This week (today), my .NET Core open source project Coravel, which is almost 11 months old, reached over 10,000 downloads!



This week, I... started to make time every week for a review/retro journal... here on dev.to!

The more it takes to solve a problem, the bigger an opportunity for improvement.


This week, I...started to contribute to the dev.to codebase. I'm starting with small PRs until I get comfortable with the workflow. Then hopefully I will be able to help contribute to making the site as awesome as it can be!

git merge


This week, I completed an app that extracts and analyzes metrics from both Discord and GitHub to measure progress and effectiveness of a development organization I work with.



Not related to tech but this was important to me.

This week I finally started making my way back to coding after a bitter breakup with my girlfriend. It's been tough 6 months and I've neglected coding for a long time now.

Hopefully I'll start working on something interesting from this weekend itself!

To anyone out there having hard time, remember that it's ok to take your time. Mental health > Work. If your mind+body+soul is happy, everything will fall in place :)


This week, I...

Made my first two pull requests and so far one was accepted, credit goes to @ksato1995 for starting me down the path.


This week, I...refactored a React w/ TypeScript app to use React Hooks ❗

-No more class components, no more this.


This week, I... came back from the Easter break to a work team that has doubled in size. We assembled, planned out the new 8 weeks worth of work and managed to do it in less time than we did it with a smaller team.

Excited to see where we go!



This week, I... created my own blog with github pages and jekyll πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸš€πŸ’ͺ :


I cross-posted most of my DEV posts to there.

So happy!


This week, I... moved a few months of work from test environment to production (note to self: plan vacations more often, seems like that's what triggers our deployment times). Also got a confirmation that I'm getting a raise (it was planned for some time but finally signing the paperwork definitely felt good)


I installed Windows for the first time in like four years. Did it in a VM. Got Python running, and the code for my client. The win is that I didn't get angry once! :)

I also came up with a yummy steamed cabbage recipe, along with a vegan bolognese.


This week, I...received an email from yo@dev.to which stated that I'm now one of the two tag moderators for #python & #beginners. This is one step for me to learn how to be more civil online, another step to read more articles for more learnings and experience & another to learn how to collaborate online. 🍻 🍻


This week, me and my friend @uraniumreza had built and deployed web and android apps which will revolutionize the saloon industry in my country.


This week, I...got my second post in my Empathy in Tech series out. It's on Cognitive Therapy.

Party Pig


This week, I...

Released a side project I've been working on for 4 months now, remoted.io, an agreggator for remote developer job.

Remoted is cool because it has better filter options then the other aggregators. It also has a nice Graphql API at remoted.io/graphql

I'm now starting to work on the sitemap and newsletter for new jobs.

I'm really happy.


This week, I completed an android UI update for a plugin I'm working at work and got a C# project (haven't worked on one before) handed to me.

Also, spent like 10-12 hours cleaning my yard haha.


My win this week wasn't quite dev related, but rather was due to my recent attempt to get more involved with the online dev community and my biggest fan noticed.


This week, I try finish calculator, but wrote only a half because i spended a lot of time in react-state/ but did a half and understend a lot its very good too...


This week, I...learnt to add PWA to the site. woah to myself :-)


This week, I...

  • applied for driving lessons & license
  • uninstalled all social media (except for this one) so I can focus on more significant stuff



This week, I finished my first month as a Frontend Engineer at Healthcare.com


This week, I...

Brought an idea to life that will guarantee to save around 5000 lines of Java.properties mapping coded manually, also improving performance.

In around 15 lines of code.


This week, I...
βœ”οΈcompleted my undergrad 6th sem written exams...(Finally)...2 more to go...
2 month holidays coming....


This week, I deployed code to a production site and didn’t blow anything up! :)


This week, I got a conference proposal selected to the conference of my choice!


This week, I...recorded a podcast episode with a guest. We talked about what to look out for when starting your own product or startup.


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