What was your win this week?

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Happy Friday Everyone :)

It's weekly retro time!

Looking back, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small!

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting to all your meetings on time
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‰
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This week, I...implemented dev.to/videos! This is an index of all DEV posts w/ native video uploads.


This week, I gave my first tech talk for 120 members of the Wellington data and analytics community.

I also organised the event, not sure what was more nerve-wracking - stressing about speaking or stressing about whether the pizza would arrive, if we had enough seats, how many helpers I would need, if we were going to finish on time ...



That's so awesome! Speaking at and organizing the same meetup is quite impressive. Great work!


This week, I set up my first Node/Express App. It's just a simple little Webhook receiver that makes some calls to the BigCommerce API, but I'm pretty stoked I was able to get it work.


Yea, NodeJS was the first technology that really made me feel like I could gain some confidence in my programming skills. 6+ years later I'm now a Lead Dev. I owe Ryan Dahl and the Node devs a lot. :/

P.S. A+ Bob's Burgers gif! :)


This week, I migrated dev.to's feature test to system test. This took way longer than I'd like to admit. Shoutout to @rhymes for making this possible!


This week, I...

Learned to write better tests for frontend with jest and enzyme and I finished an online course!

heck yeah


oh man oh man, I love jest. Have you tried using thevscode-jest plugin yet? It's really great for getting quick feedback. In fact, I even thought about adding a section on vscode-jest to my article on "failing fast" but I had already posted it, and I'm trying to make my blog posts "immutable" haha. The past is the past! :)

Philosophical rambling and linking aside... I'd love to hear what's working for you with jest and what you think could be better. I really like talking about testing. .spyOn is my jam. So much better than having to rely on dependency injection.


Haven't tried it yet; I try to keep light on the extensions, but I'll check it out thanks!

Yea vscode-jest is definitely not a light extension, but neither is NCrunch which inspired it. But I find that quokka isn’t too bad memory wise.


awesome! this has been bugging me... (heh, get it!?) for a long time.

Got any quick pointers?


What I think is a really important theme I kept seeing to keep in mind is when writing tests, focus on behavior not implementation.

It makes sense because implementation can change without really breaking the intended behavior of the UI component.


This week, I went biking during lunch on 3 different occasions. πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈπŸš΄β€β™‚οΈπŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ And the spring weather has been beautiful!


So jealous! ( recovering from leg surgery )


Ah man, that's a bummer. Been there though, I feel for ya. Hope ya make a speedy recovery!


This week, I've worked out 5 times. I finally stopped making excuses about when I was going to start and just did it. I've noticed an increase in general energy and I've been stressing a lot less

Now I've just got to keep it up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

dog running


This week, I...

  • Updated a table component and learned some new interesting features about tables I never knew/used before. <caption>'s FTW
  • Helped a couple content authors with some card components
  • Read up on Vue.js. Still need a nudge to justify learning/using it.
  • I also finished beating Mario + Rabbits on the Switch. On to Steamworld Heist.


This week, I released a feature that I've been spent waaaay too much time on (imo)! So glad to have it mostly done.

Also a big shout-out to @rhymes for leaving great comments on my PR and adding a lot of thoughts on implementation!

Two hands high five each other and turn into confetti!


Been working on some advanced CSS topics, learning new things about react, launched a new website, published my third article here and most importantly got my PRs merged to dev.to.



Awesome stuff Mohammadjavad. That's a lot of wins in one week. πŸ‘


Thanks Nick, it was the second week of Norouz(Persian new year) and I had more free time.


This week, I made my first contribution in a big open source project... dev.to :)
My PR got accepted, merged and pushed to the live app/website and i can say i was feeling awkwardly exited when this happened. Now i see the changes i made and i say β€œdamn this is what i changed and everybody gets to see this” insert proud gif here

Also this week i fixed a couple of bugs on a big project at my new workplace where they were hanging around a long time. Were i managed to refactor 100 lines of code to 14!!


This week,I fix some errors and better the design on a project, Started learning more about Ionic framework, completed another web template and I added more features to my portfolio site.

Can't wait for the launch on 23rd...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


This week, I contributed to open source for the first time. I built a little tool for Tailwind CSS, had a pull request merged to the docs, and published my first npm package.

Definitely going to do more to give back to the tools I use every day.

happy man dancing


This week, I actually have a win * - *

On Sunday I did a small programming class in thunkable for 2 girls and I was able to make one very excited with programming and the other be confident enough in asking questions (at least with me for now). It was also the first time I ever did a programming class as well!

I'm a happy panda :D


This week, I replaced Disqus on my blog with an open-source alternative that's over 10x lighter. Big win for my page performance, and it started a lot of discussion on Reddit.


This week, I got my first big (co-)translation published.
It is the French version of "Black Box" by Japanese journalist Ito Shiori:

After this recent wave of translations, I'd like to find the time to go back to web studies :)


This week, I...
Published an A/B test on sunrisemovement.org to improve our donate button. It’s a small thing, but it has been life-changing to be able to contribute in small ways to something big and important.


This week, I... got my driving ID/license. Took me a while.


I got my first email subscription in the first month of blogging!


This week I had an interview at a big Silicon Valley company, and for whatever the reason, I was absolutely relaxed and just felt good. Like GOOD good! No matter the outcome, I had a really fun day!


This week, I pushed my first PR to an OSS project, the Jekyll-sitemaps plugin, it's not been approved, but that's still feel good 😊


This week, I...

Got an AWS S3 bucket event to trigger Lambda to push media files to Transcoder finally placing the output file in another bucket.


My win this week is more of a win/shoutout. Thank you open source and the people that work in it. I posted a question on Twitter about TypeScript and Daniel Rosenwasser from the TypeScript team chimed in. Problem solved. Much appreciated Daniel!

Jimmy Fallon saying Thank You!


This week, I finally wrangled an unwieldy pull request that started out as some quick and easy accessibility fixes to legacy code, and ended up with dozens of commits touching the front, back and middle of the codebase. And nothing broke.

Jayne from Firefly: 'Time for some thrilling heroics.'


This week, I almost got my personal project remoted.io production ready. Search is not quite functional yet but in 2 to 3 weeks everything will be working. Hopefully.

I'm proud of being able to control myself to do the stuff in my life that I judge important. Discipline, focus, momentum and good judgement are keys to success and one should feel proud if they achieve them.


This week, I started my first week at a new job as lead software engineer. I'm going to try and make the team have the kind of culture and principles i talk about in

Plus I called the team THE NINE NINE


This week, I posted my first new blog post onto my redesigned site lankydan.dev. Built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify after hearing so much talk about JAMstack.

Just need to finish migrating old posts and then make full switch to it and turn off my original blog.

If you happen to go look at it after this comment, let me know any feedback, good or bad πŸ˜„


I got my new coworker to trust me enough to pair-program with me and to have a good experience. The trick was listening to them and hearing that they were concerned about the schedule. So being a (sometimes)decent Scrum master... I spoke to the PO and got a few tickets moved out of the sprint so my new coworker could concentrate. When I got back to my new peer, they were excited to slow down and take the time to collaborate.


This week, I completed the recording demoing how to integrate Firebase DB as the persistence layer for my Bookmark Manager app.



This week, I finally sorted out about Redis replication and the main part - how its Sentinel works :-)

Not such a big achievement as could be - but this will sort out some issues on my job's backend application and eventually we'll get rid of the memcached service.

Also, wrote a few posts here about Redis and hope - this will help somebody else, as it's a bit tricky in some parts.


This week, I started learning (relearning, to be precise) data structures and algorithms for competitive programming and also started series of articles on dev.to

Check out my series here!


I'm laughing reading all comments. This week is extremely lucky for me.
essay-company.com accepted my article. I write a quick guide about coursework for them


This week, I got inspired by some cool UI elements on codepen to build an entirely new product. Still working on the express backend for AWS. Pretty stoked!


This week, I learned about authentication in my web apps. This will help incorporate a Steam login feature into my current project! I also started working out.


This week, I found a way to connect to our database which has PAM authentication for mariadb via php. Now we have access to testing that involves the database again!

Additionally I helped convince the rest of my team that we will move forward with proper testing.


This week, I built a feature for a plugin built with discourse. I thought I wasn't ready but I dived in and I was able to do a good amount of stuff which I thought would take me long to get comfortable with.


This week, I...

Launched an internal facing helpbot in microsoft teams. For two whole days it still hasn't broke yet!! It's cool to see people talking with it and getting quick answers. This is especially useful for things like acronyms which we have a lot of in our organization. We also use a gazillion internal tools which I just added into the knowledge base one morning and saw an uptick in usage right away. Even better to hear was the watercooler talk about the new helpbot. #FunTimes


This week, I... started to learn Go, signed up for dev.to and performed with my colleagues presentation about our experience with TensorFlow! πŸŽ‰


This week, my biggest win was releasing a demo of a project I've been working on for a week to my client. Firebase Firestore backend & auth + Google Maps API with some drizzle of Vue.js on top πŸ™Œ



This week, I... implemented my first Discord bot as a part of a new effort, MUGEN.NET that will be a source of release announcements and eventually a Wiki containing various programming tips for the MUGEN game engine! I'm really excited to be a part of this, leading the next generation of coders for MUGEN and future fighting game engines (such as my Blugen project).


This week, I gave a small talk at a local university to around 30-40 students part of Facebook developer group

they learned about git, heroku, nodejs, and express (a basic setup)

the look on their face when they pushed using git, it was like they have done magic πŸŽ‰


other than that, I'm starting to learn php for developing a plugin for wordpress and started developing a gutenberg block for wordpress using React + Graphql + create-guten-block (which grabs data from woocommerce and list them in my own design)


This week, I...

  • At my organization, I launched a website for publishing automated reports and for developing interactive visualizations. It was a fun project to work on and it was good D3 learning experience.

  • I realized that I missed my one year anniversary of being in my first dev role (end of March).


This week, more than 1000 people checked my first two posts on dev.to!


This week, I wrote this practical piece to help me focus better during work sessions. I hope others can find it useful as well.


This week, I joined a pre-seed accelerator, Founder Institute. I'm so excited to graduate from the program and become a future founder. One more win for womankind! πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

I also published three new articles:

AND, half of a blog post I worked on for almost a month, give or take:
Bali Trip: Budget Travel Guide



This week, I...

Finally got my 'medicine 3.0' blog, regenerative times, off the ground.. after a year of thinking about doing it.

One thing that held me up was whether or not i used a blogging engine i wrote and am fond of, or wordpress. Another thing that held me up is my perfectionism. I spent 4 months trying to come up with a perfect logo.

Finally i decided, screw it, i'll use a mockup of the final logo and just launch the thing and get started. A good logo can come later. Nobody is going to hyperfocus on that - it's all about having quality content.

So i kicked it off by writing content.

I think as the stash of content grows, i'll get more and more bugged by the logo until i go nuts and spend a whole weekend on it. But i can't let my perfectionism stop me from executing on good ideas anymore.

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