What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on May 31, 2019

Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small 🎉 Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a promoti... [Read Full]
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This week I started my YouTube channel. I've always wanted to do this for the longest time and I'm excited I finally have it up :)


I finally got enough reputation to comment on Stack Overflow after 5 years of being a professional dev


This week I realized that a local coffee shop has a big backyard with plenty of shaded seating. They open up at 7am and never get super busy. It has helped facilitate some super enjoyable and productive mornings.

Random peaceful nature GIF (source):
waterfall gif


My goodness, I read the first line, saw the picture, and was immensely envious!


My biggest win this week would be completing a big rewrite, pulling a 1000+ line, unreadable, unintelligible and untested class into small, understandable and above all unit and integration tested classes. Three days of arg! And WTF!?, followed by: cool it's working! 😁


New blog post! But more importantly, I created reallybad.design for demonstration purposes.

Iron man cringing and saying "Eww"


haha, nice! I think most pages from the 90's would fall in this category now, with their blink elements and marquee tags


haha! reallybad.design is a good name... too good actually. need to take that name back to the drawing board as I'm sure you can up with much worse to match that design. 😋


Probably. I had the base of the design laying around from helping someone with a Grid layout, so it was starting from a good design and I just added more CSS to make it into the monster it has become.

That and the subdomain really.reallybad.design are both open source though 😉

GitHub logo 12vanblart / really-bad-designs

A website to demonstrate deploying a hover domain name to Netlify.


A website to demonstrate deploying a hover domain name to Netlify.


A website to demonstrate deploying a hover subdomain name to Netlify.

Oh wow! I really wish I could contribute to really.reallybad.design ... I'm honestly probably not capable enough at development to do that yet. That sounds super sad, haha.

But hey, I can contribute this. For inspiration, check out brendanfraser.com/ I always hang onto it as an example of beautifully bad retro design... and funny that that's still out there in the wild.


Well! On a Desktop the design doesn't look bad at all! At least not as bad as I would have imagined it to be.


I won a PHPMascot ( phpclasses.org/ ), September 2018, First position.

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D7GUJopU0AIYg-z.jpg The image is not mine but the elephant is the same.

I also created a spider-bot


For example, It allows downloading the list of Coffee products from Walmart.

It also includes an ETL.

However, It can be used for bad purposes, so I won't open source it.


I've been working on a keylogger because I want to learn Rust, and that's how I feel too. I know there's others out there, but I won't put mine on github or anything.


I made a Last Airbender API and had students at Alchemy Code Lab in PDX beta-test it while learning how to fetch from APIs (bootcamp) and async redux with React (career track). Got lots of feedback, I am excited to create version 2 with their feedback! It is OPEN SOURCE so feel free to submit PRs if you feel inclined: last-airbender-api.herokuapp.com/

Last Airbender API


Gardening! Yeah, I've used this one before, but I'll use it again... it's great!


Here's a picture of tiny bell pepper plant that's sprouted one massive pepper. Now I just gotta wait for it to turn red...



I'm waiting for my five chili plants, various cultivars, to product fruit.


Nice!! Loves the peppers. 🌶🌶🌶

I have various bells, jalapeños (which are coming in nicely), and some poblanos (which have yet to come in at all)!

The tomatoes are really taking off right now, you can see one photobombing in the top right corner there. But, I gotta say that nothings made me happier than this enormous pepper. Turn red, turn red! 🤞🤞


Finally published my portfolio!! You can check it out here! Would love any constructive, positive feedback on it!



It looks great, Karen! Well done. :)

I'm really impressed by your volunteering. You seem very outgoing.

The typography looks good. I do think there could be a little more connection between your resume and your portfolio, like maybe there could be similar colors, or typography, or font-size.

The home page feels really short. You might want to consider putting your work on the home page, to give more emphasis to your work. Or you could put a call to action at the bottom of the homepage, instead of the resume.


Thank you, Allison!

That's a good point, I'll try to play with the colors and pull in the resume color.

Call to Action might be the way to go on the home page. I also played around with having little work "tiles" on the home page, but didn't want it too cluttered.

Seems like you have a pretty good eye for design, so I'm sure you'll think of something great. :)

Thank you so much!! This comment made my day! 💜


It looks nice -- and it's responsive (the first thing I always try).

I'm not keen on the browser screenshots. I think they'd make a strong impact without the browser UI bits.


Thanks so much!

I'll try the screeenshots without the browser, thank you!


I love the resume! Good design. But I bet you can do better on the Home page, maybe try to have a consistent color scheme as your resume.


Thanks, Ami! I go back and forth on the home page, I wanted to create something that was uniquely 'me', but I'm also concerned it's too out there haha.


Did you create your illustration out of interest? It's awesome :)


Thank you! I did not, credit for the illustrations belongs to undraw: "A constantly updated collection of beautiful svg images that you can use completely free and without attribution." You can pick a primary color to customize them on the site, and some of them I customized further by editing the SVG.


I managed to drag myself out of my house to a local meetup for the second time this month. I've been wanting to get more involved locally for a while, so it was great to get out of the house and talk to other programmers.


I gave a presentation "Everybody's a Developer" about the need to be inclusive in our development effort. Unfortunately there is no recording, but maybe I'll do it again soon (if you know anybody interested, let me know).

The Abstract

Join us for this Tuesday evening with Edaqa to find out why our culture must become more inclusive, rather than a war of titles.

In a war of titles, we're increasingly losing focus on what is vital to development. The path to better technology lies in working together, not only as teams but across teams throughout an organization. Let's take a look at the dangers of isolation, specialization and throwing things over the wall. By improving how we view each other, we can improve the product, increase morale, and build a strong sense of self-worth for yourself.

Stop the game of words and embrace everybody as a developer.


Improve my SEO optimization skills: adding fonts optimization and CSS splitting for a legacy project is quite challenging if you are a newbie.
Also, writing an article here on Dev, about it:

Seo tips from a newbie

Hope this mention doesn't look spammy. For me, SEO optimization was quite an achievement.


Nice, I have been reading a lot about SEO as well. It's quite interesting and broad topic


I prefer to delegate the SEO stuff to an expert, but the budget is not always 'in the mood' for this. :)


I topped 40,000 reputation on Stack Overflow this week. Pretty pleased with that.

I also built a couple of example apps with the MediaRecorder API (blog posts are on their way too).

And I went to the gym for the first time in forever (I don't really do gyms, trying something new really). 2 days later and everything still hurts. Hopefully this will improve.


In my first week at my first full time job as a programmer:

  • I was able to reduce the onboarding of the dev environment from 4 weeks previously (really brittle setup), to just a few clicks. Tested on multiple computers and vms, and it now just works!

  • Worked with the trainer for our software to recognize pain points of our users, and already added 3 changes to our backlog, pending dev call next week to prioritize those changes

  • Submitted my very first PR!



This week I started to read a new book, thanks to Ali's posts 'What you read?'.
I returned back to my app and I'm again developing it.
I found out I have an answer to a 7 yrs old question I asked back then.
I became twitter active and felt how Twitozaur feels like.


Only one possible answer as a Canadian basketball fan


Closed two issues on an open source linter (my first ever PRs in OSS) and was invited to become a contributor! Thanks to much to @sobolevn and wemake.services for bringing me on board! Project link here!


This week, I learned to use koa js for my REST API's and how to use it efficiently. This resulted in an increase in my number of responses to requests per sec and I achieved 2x times the speed I would get using express


This week I finally got rid of my Google Account !

Bye Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Pinterest, Google, Microsoft.
I'm free !!


I extracted part of one of our application code as a separate gem written in Rust using Helix. I cried a lot during the process, but we have gained 50% performance boost, even though most of the time is spent in HTTP requests (which means that the boost in actual data processing is probably closer to 95%).


Better code shipped out using less review time and helped one of my teammates with a CSS problem.


This Week:


This week I...

  • presented the first webinar in a series at work that I've been planning/working on for a while now.
  • finished a weekend project of getting a Raspberry Pi NAS running (blog incoming).
  • took a satire writing workshop that was super fun and I've got a few ideas to turn into writing.

Super small win, but this week I’ve realized I couldn’t care less about the tools I use (react, vue, node, Django, Ruby on Rails, serverless, typescript, gatsby, serverless, aws, netlify, whatever). For me I enjoy building. And to get better at my craft that means building more and spending less time collecting different bits of knowledge about various tools. Inevitably I’ll pick that up as I build more. Small, but super important in terms of where I am and what brings me enjoyment.


I've found some spare time to play with Zdog (pseudo-3D engine by Dave Desandro), even managed to submit a little PR for a bug I've found on the docs making this my first contribution to an open source project ever!


Gave a presentation to our entire project about testing RxJs with jasmine-marbles. I think it went well.


This week I beat my deadlift goal for the year... 150kg... And I've got another six months to go!


I've continued to code and started putting myself out there more. All I can ask for this week!


Releasing my post on regex in JS, first time in 2 years one-shotting a post! dev.to/andyhaskell/javascript-regu...


Possibly getting my first client. Been putting off making some websites for portfolio. So now I'm going to create few websites this weekend to show client next week.


Updated my project named Bord Pi and PR a new topic for GitHub !

Added Pi Hole topic #772

thomasbnt avatar
thomasbnt commented on May 27, 2019
  • [x] I followed the contributing guidelines: github.com/github/explore/blob/mas...
  • [x] I have no affiliation with the project I am suggesting (as a maintainer, creator, contractor, or employee).

Which change are you proposing?

  • [ ] Suggesting edits to an existing topic or collection
  • [x] Curating a new topic or collection

Curating a new topic or collection

  • [x] I've formatted my changes as a new folder directory, named for the topic or collection as it appears in the URL on GitHub (e.g. https://github.com/topics/[NAME] or https://github.com/collections/[NAME])
  • [x] My folder contains a *.png image (if applicable) and index.md
  • [x] All required fields in my index.md conform to the Style Guide and API docs: github.com/github/explore/tree/mas...

Please replace this line with an explanation of why you think this topic or collection should be curated.

Please note: we will close your PR without comment if you do not check the boxes above and provide ALL requested information.


I hit a whole bunch of milestones on my new PHP Framework/Library(Currently the main core lib that will power the framework).

Finally got restarted on my diet as well!


Getting better with GraphQL. Last week I was struggling a lot to learn and implement it but it's happening now =)


My win was getting 93% on an end of year exam at university.

  • Published the second blog post in my one week old blog here on dev.to :).
  • Started the analysis phase for an app that will develop.
  • Learned how to Write a project proposal.

I implemented two functionalities - resuming downloads and throttling download speed using Go. 😀


i will present at vuejs Paris a talk about my vuepress-plugin-docgen :)


My microservice is deployed to the DEV environment. :happyaf:

Now starts a testing period.

:prepare to fight:


Having one of our applications brutally DDoS-ed and not losing more than 10% in terms of latency and success rate.

We got 'em boys!


I write a code today that ran without a single bug in the first go! That was the biggest such code.
Also I secured my biggest freelance job this week!

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