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What's your work-from-home outfit?

Jess Lee (she/her) on June 10, 2019

Stumbled across this article today and literally lol'ed: I ...
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Kara Luton

If I’m being honest, it’s usually a T-shirt and a pair of comfy joggers. I notice a HUGE difference when I actually put on something that I’d actually wear to an office like jeans and a nicer shirt (not a T-shirt). I need to do that more often but it’s so tempting to wear comfy clothes when you’re working from home!

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Jenessa White

Honestly half my wardrobe is joggers since I started working at a remote-friendly/casual company. And being a football player/crossfitter only further validates me lol

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Mitch Jackson

I wear work clothes when I work from home. As a freelancer, it's too easy to get pulled away from the work day by home life. I need the rituals like wearing work clothes to stay in the I am at work state of mind

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Trevor Franklin

I love this one! I also like to have a dedicated office in my home that is separate from my bedroom. This helps me stay in the zone.

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Ryan Haber

Yeah, dedicated space is good. My home office is also the den/guest-bedroom, but it's set up to be very distraction-less.

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Anna Buianova

I love these outfits :D

I usually wear comfy home clothes, but not a bathrobe or pajamas ✨
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Love it!
I treasure the days I work from home precisely because my brain somehow works on 300% when I am allowed to wear pajama-like clothes :-D

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Desi • Edited on

I used to totally just wear sweatpants - I had two pairs of sweatpants and I'd alternate them, with whatever random t-shirt I have. When it wasn't sweatpants, it was workout leggings which I still wear super super often.

Recently I found a nice pair of pants from Uniqlo that feel comfier than sweatpants but actually look nice - so if I get a bug up my butt and want to run out for coffee, I can just go. No time wasted in changing or angsting over "should I go out in my pajamas?" Hah. Now I have two of those, and two pairs of shorts from the same material. (Might I note that all of these have ~ * ~ POCKETS ~ * ~!!!!)

I wear slightly nicer shirts now - I bought a few merino wool shirts and holy comfort and temperature regulating, Batman!

(Oh yeah: and slippers)
image of work from home outfit taken in mirror - button down shirt, floral pants, simple t-shirt, and striped slippers

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Ooh do you know the name of the Uniqlo pants? That sounds wonderful

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I sure do and I'm here with a handy link as well!

There are different prints on different listings, and they also have a jogger style. I have a pair of the joggers but don't like them nearly as much as the straight, wide-leg openings.

These are the shorts:

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Awesome! Ordering a pair Friday

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Omri Gabay

tbh this is what I was imagining when I came into this thread

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the sweatpants, or the successful end to the years-long sweatpants search? hah

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Omri Gabay

The former, but the latter works too!

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Elliot • Edited on

Lol, the Half Caro is risky when it comes to remote meetings. You never know when you might absent-mindedly stand up.

For me, it's gotta be W-neck shirt, and shorts that are just a bit too long to be fashionable. W-neck shirt

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Jess Lee (she/her) Author


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Amber P.

Athleisure all day, everyday :)

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Steve Layton

Happen to be working from home today. So the outfit is "sleepy pants", an old id software Rage t-shirt and a 2600 sweatshirt.

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Depends on my day.

If I feel like I'm having a rough go of it, I'll doll myself up with a collared shirt, moustache wax, beard balm, and blow dryer so I at least feel good while I'm putting out fires.

If I know I'm going into the zone to work on a project, then a hoodie&&(sweats||basketball shorts) work just fine. Throw in some headphones and some music and I'll forget what year it is, nevermind what I'm wearing.

Sometimes in winter I will don a blanket and scarf if the heater just isn't cutting it.

And of course the sleeping pups I "wear" on my feet are a must for any situation.

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Rafael Romero

I'm always on attack mode 😂 but is just because my face is all angry when I'm focused. The comfy clothes are awesome but putting some "serious" clothes when working always makes me feel prepared for a surprise meeting with my dream job recruiter 🤞

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Ben Halpern

I am definitely also the sweaty optimist. I'd like to think some of my "better" clothes are my gym clothes. I like to wear quasi-fashionable sweat-shorts that make me feel like I'm kind of "putting something on for the day". There is definitely a difference between awful home sweatpants and the stuff I'd feel proud to wear to the gym. sweaty optimist definitely fits my outlook on the situation 😄

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Colin Rubbert

Fall-Winter: Jeans, t-shirt and maybe a sweatshirt if I'm being particularly spiteful with the heating bill.

Spring-Summer: Shorts, t-shirt and/or tanktop if I'm being particularly spiteful with the cooling bill.

I wear exactly what I'd wear to the office.

I do the exact routine is do if I were going into the office: wake up at 5:30a, browse internet while eating breakfast (the misses and 3 little girls are so sleeping, it's quiet 🧘‍♂️), put away dishes from last night's dishwasher run, make a cup of tea, go upstairs brush teeth, do hair, briefly chat with the misses, put casual street clothes on, sit at desk and start working. Work from 630-230.

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Ryan Haber

Last night's boxers and tee shirt. Add sweats if it's chilly. Add shorts (short pants, you Brits, not more underwear) and shoes before walking the dog. Shower if going someplace where smells may be inappropriate. Ditto for shave.

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Leonardo Teteo

I don't work from home, unfortunately. u.u
But if I worked, I would use the outfit I usually use at home: T-shirt, shorts and sandals. Too hot around here to feel comfortable with much more than this. hahaha

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Joe Hobot • Edited on

Although I like to be super comfortable, I do jeans and shirt regardless where I am. For many reasons tho.

  1. When you are too comfy, I tent to sit on chair for hours - when I am less comfy, I found that I really need to stand up every few hrs to straighten my jeans.

  2. I get pulled into meetings randomly either by boss , co-worker etc, and while I am a DevOps Engineer, I still like to be presentable in most way people would see me in office or going out bit dressy.

  3. I hate changing my clothes during a day that I work from home. Usually around lunch time , I would go somewhere to eat or do some grocery chores.

  4. This one ties up to #3 but I do have to pick kids up in afternoon, so again I like to be presentable yet enough comfortable for me.

I would say 70% of the time I work from home I wear jeans-shirt or jeans/t-shirt vs some jogging or pajamas.

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Mazen Touati

Right now, I only wear jogger shorts. In winter, I upgrade my gear with an extra piece for my upper body.

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Stacy Cashmore

It varies throughout the day.

PY's when working before my son wakes up.

Day clothes when he does.

Which is workout gear if I have a fitness class later in the day, otherwise 50s swing - the same as any other day - if not.

I'm quite pleased that I can focus just as well (badly? 😀) whether I'm dressed for leaving the house, or just out of bed with a coffee...

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Helen Anderson

My Dev hoodie!

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Sarah-Jane Morris

Somewhere between the Hedy Lamarr and the Human Cat Condo. 😂 I only put on suitable clothing when I plan on leaving the house at some point!

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👨🏻‍💻 Michael Black Ritter

Nothing! Just as the universe wants me to be! 😹💦

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Jaff Parker

It's underwear at best. Shorts if I just went out and forgot to take them off lol

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Comfy clothes all day~

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Jon Randy

Same as the office - shorts, tshirt, flip flops

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pair of comfy shorts, t-shirt...maybe socks :)

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Matthias 🤖 • Edited on

I am the full caro. I tend to wear the same clothes as I would wear when I go to the office. Reason is, I don't want to feel too cozy because I still have to get things done.

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Joshua Mervine

T-shirt and JP pants, sweats or gym shorts. 🤘

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Cubicle Buddha

I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s pajama bottoms and a dress shirt top. I let my coworkers think I’m pulled together, but I want my legs to feel like it’s the weekend.

laurieontech profile image

Pajamas 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Kaleb M


Sweats or shorts with a tech t-shirt!

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Sergey S. Volkov

Only socks that's all my wear for work-from-home 😂

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Christina Gorton

I usually wear whatever is comfy but I'll be teaching live 2hrs a day 5 days a week soon so going to have to up my wardrobe a bit 😂

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Luke Westby

Full tuxedo with tails

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Joe Zack

I always heard you should dress for the job you t-shirt and gym shorts.

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Erika Heidi

Comfy pants and nerdy t-shirts :) But I do make up, that makes me feel better. The make-up sort of represents the "ritual" part of getting ready.

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I usually lie in shorts on the bed and on the belly I hold a laptop ,-)

I work remotely, so it goes day after day.

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Nadine M. Thêry

Definitely maybe not as formal as in the office, but I try to avoid pijamas and actually dressing up for work. It keeps me in the mood for productivity.

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Amara Graham

Tshirt & shorts or yoga pants. If I'm working out at lunch I usually put on my actual gym clothes in the morning. If I have video calls I get myself presentable.

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I wore my pyjamas all the time. The best time!