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Bits and PCs
Said like "bits and pieces"


Other "Bits" titles:

Bits to Bytes and Beyond

Bits of Complexity/Computation

  • Ada and Friends
  • History of Code
  • Byte-sized History
  • Big O(ral) History
  • Machine History
  • Threads in Time
  • History Compiled
  • GOTO: A history of Code
  • Hard-coded History
  • While True History



+1 for History Compiled

if it doesn't get used I'm going to totally steal it at some point...


Here are some ideas based on how far back you want to go:

Complexity solved, ancient to modern

Mechanical Turk:
Fraud to God machines

Punch cards / mechanical calculators:
IO, from gears to Alpha Go


Ooh! Thanks for suggesting topics. I was actually looking for ideas on a title encompass a series that consists of topics similar to the ones you suggested!


Everyone's mind is immediately going to puns. I usually do the same, but I actually don't think there's much wrong with The history of computer science: a mini web series.


What about Hello World! ?

I think these two words can represent much about computer science.
And you can add something else to it to sound it better...


DEVHistory | History of Computer Science: From Lovelace to Linux



(can't believe no one has suggested this so far)


I would seriously ask some non programmer friends, maybe they come up with names that surprise you!

For example, if it were a geology mini web series I would call it: "Such things we're all made of" which is also a straight up rip off from Shakespeare's The Tempest

Well, I'm bad at naming stuff :D


The Rise and Fall of Proprietary Hardware


"Show All History" / "Show Full History", that's what Safari/Chrome call their menu bar entries and it find it quite fitting.


The history of bits and bytes


The Origin of Computer Science

Fact or Myth: CS


What about -
"Bits, bytes and bots: The history of computer science"


Thought of another one -

Bytes, bits and boots: The history of CS



The Turing Tapes

Processing History



The Pseudocode

Bottom Up History

History Stand-up

History Points


"Turing Through Computer Science History with some Lovelaced In" - my terrible pun recommendation.


Ummm, how about just "History of Computer Science"? :-)


The journey of 0 & 1 to 0 - 1

To show how we have moved from binary to quantum computing


DEV | Bits and Bots: A history of computer science (Mini web series)


A(da) to Z(uckerberg): A Random Walk through CS history

PS. My point being it's a good time to put the spotlight on the people (especially hidden figures) and not just the tech.


I think Computer Science: the history or Computer Science through the years would be good titles

They let you know exactly what you will get :)