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Whenever a colleague points out how bad my screen is πŸ˜…


I clean mine maybe once every two weeks.

When you buy a monitor or use a new computer do you calibrate the color?

If on MacOS
Open System Preferences.
Click on Displays.
Click Color Tab.
Hold down Option and click Calibrate. (this gets you the Advanced editor)
Follow the steps in the wizard.

There you go! Some web designers don’t even do it. If you calibrate the screen the colors will be more true.


Not as often as I'd like!

I see it needs cleaning, but as it's touch I need to shut off my machine to clean it or interesting things happen.

So, I decide I'll clean it when I shut down at the end of the day.

I Forget. Of course.

Repeat 😊


My desktop: Since the monitor was quite pricey, I make absolute sure nothing touches it. Three years in; still nothing visible on the surface of the glass.

My phone: It's a Samsung. It gets dirty, I run it under water. This is something I've only done a few times since having a smartphone however.


Perhaps the more critical question is, "how often do you clean your keyboard?"

It seems like most keyboards I encounter, were one to hold them upside down, tap them, and capture the contents into a cup, and add hot water, one could make a fairly hearty soup.


Exactly same as you - we had these great wipes. Since I moved to Israel, I haven't found them though, so it has been less πŸ™ˆ


Once a month, or when it gets really dirty.


When we were in college, my friend said "Gus, look how dirty your monitor is.. Are you serious that you want to take care of censored (my first love)? You can't even take care of your laptop."

Damn, after that, I clean my laptop immediately after I got home.


At home? When they need cleaning, which isn't that often, they just don't get dirty most of the time.

At work? Never because I never have anything to clean them with and never think about bringing something from home, ahah.


When you've gone out of town with a touchscreen-using spouse and your laptop is the one you brought with you, you find that, at the end of the trip, your screen is covered with finger-drag marks because of your spouse's habits.


I can't remember the last time I cleaned mine so as other's have said probably not enough πŸ˜†

I think I tend to clean the screen on my laptop more than my external monitors though, even though I use the externals more


I just get used to reading around the dirty spots.


Right up until the dirty spots start looking like delimiters in your code.


My work screen never, my phone once a month with my t-shirt


My laptop (touch), every few days. The desktop (no touch)... Ummm... I haven't lol. IDK how long I've had them. A year? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


Whenever I can't figure out what's on the screen...


Had this monitor since February and haven't cleaned it 😬


I clean mine whenever I see a spot that HAS to be cleaned. Only then I reach for my fiber thing cloth to clean my monitorπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


When the layer of dust on the screen is thick enough that I have to turn up the brightness.


Thinking about this. I’ve not in a while what do you use to clean yours?


Every day I clean all my devices including screens


Funny question.
Once a month, but when I do, I have the feeling that I'm using a brand new laptop.


More often than my steering wheel and not as often as my keyboard.


I bought a pack of cleaning cloths two years ago... I lost it two years ago.


It's been a long while while since I cleaned mine. I intent to clean all my peripherals (keyboard, mouse, monitor, laptop) as well as the desktop as part of my house chores. πŸ˜…


Once a week, I can't stand fingerprints on screens.


Whenever I start to make reading errors due to the splotch-buildup.


Once a week.
I try to clean the screens, clean my desk and tidy up the "place" every Monday.


Just every now and then if I notice dust. I have to dust my desk once a week though as it seems to accumulate fast, much to my annoyance!


Almost every day now since I started to take pictures of my notebook for my Instagram account @lampewebdev


When the contents on the monitor become cryptographically secure due to the amount of dirt.


I am not comfortable with this line of questioning.


There's probably nothing that triggers me more in the office than someone touching my screen.


I clean the monitor screen every day before work and after work.


When I no longer see myself when its turned off.



Almost every day with a microfiber cloth.


When I open it in public and get embarrassed at how dusty it is :D. I never notice it at home for some reason.

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