How do you manage your github notifications?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read

Do you use other services like Octobox? Strictly utilize email notifications? Slack integration? The actual notifications page?!


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I currently use the Github notifications page. So far I can still handle it, but I do check notifications multiple times a day.

Currently my personal projects are in "low activity mode" and I only have a couple repositories watching "Releases only".
The only repository that spams my notifications is the DEV repo πŸ˜‚but I it set to "watching" so I can follow everything that is happening.


I'm a HUGE fan of DevHub. It's cross-platform as well so I can use the same environment in the browser as well as my phones.


Seconded! It's a great app. I just wish it would sync with github when I have read notifications.


My process is:

  1. Receive a lot of them because I didn't tweak anything
  2. Sigh and or curse about it
  3. Repeat

Works pretty well.

More seriously, I use a mix of emails + the notification page and some Slack (or otherwise) notifications when possible, that's all I need.


When a github email comes in, I either directly handle it or create a trello card for it, this way I can always have a nice and clean inbox and don't miss important stuff.

Though lately that hasn't been working out great, but mainly because there is more coming in than I can actually handle.


Currently its the actual notifications page πŸ˜…
But I don't maintain any projects with outside contributions coming in...so it's very manageable, since I only get notifications when I actively participate in an issue or PR


I leave on email notifications since i’m pretty quick at email triage and I can snooze stuff that I know I want to get back to. I also use Trailer.app in my Mac menu bar which mostly just sends me pushes for my open source stuff (work is not included in these). Finally, for code review (90% of my notifications) I have an internal tool at work that catches non-mentioned relevant code, and when I have an hour or 2 each day or 2 I use Refined Github’s β€œopen all in tabs” for bulk catch up & review. Generally the goal is to avoid context switching, so when i’m actively triaging or collaborating I like Trailer’s notifications, and otherwise I let them build up then do mass review when I can give it my focus.


I’ll link up these tools when I am on a computer with a keyboard


I don't πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ, I mean I'm not that picky about it. I access them anywhere. However, I got the notifications about the most important threads for me (My PRs, Issues I commented in...) in my Outlook focused inbox with a push notification.


I don't. I just let them pile up in my inbox. Gmail just puts everything in my forums tab.


No email notifications at all: it's just like spam, it's bad for the environment and it's distracting.
If there are things I should review/know about quickly then my co-worker can contact me on slack or something like that.
Then whenever I have time, I go through them quickly from the notification page.


Wait! You get notificatiins on github? 😳


I use Octobox and I'm a big fan of it!

I host a personal instance of it so that I can use the personal access token feature and it works great!


Oh wow. I've literally never looked at the notification page before. I always just go by email. Often a bit noisy but doesn't break my flow much.


I always go email too! But I feel silly about it.


I didn't even think that this could be a problem it would require its own app.

Its been a long while since I was in charge of an open-source project so communication channels certainly have changed.


Only notifications page. To be fair we use a self-hosted Gitlab instance at work and I also have a lot of my private projects on Gitlab, so GH is mostly for older stuff/FOSS.


I've been using gitify.io desktop app. Works well.


I currently use this Chrome extension.
Not bad!


Mostly email. I have rules that route those that do not explicitly mention me to other boxes based on project, leaving them unread.


Slack channels mostly for builds & email for PRs etc...


For non-work, I use email. For work stuff, we have a Slack bot wired up.