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Two and a half years later, still 100% relevant.


Oh man! The 75% done one is something I'm VERY guilty of 🤣


Its DB configuration problem.
How do you mean there is no log files?
That is just nice to have feature.
Its Testers problem, they didnt tested it right.

Last sprint communication was good.
Did you write tests for this crap?
How do you mean this code is in Production?
Crap in crap out.
We will refactor it in the next sprint.
We could't make this sprints goal because of Technical debt we mentioned last retrospective.
We need to write more unittests.
We can improve it with static code anaysis.

we need more people on project.
quality is bad so you need to work faster.
i promissed to client that this feature will be included in todays build.

you made last commit on this service so i will assign you for this bug


"Out of Scope" is one I quote to the Design team quite a bit...


Urgh switching to Angular?!?!? :-))) Fantastic, please, more. :)


So much nostalgia!!! This video still makes me laugh 😂

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