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How I Cope:

The only thing that's ever helped me while I'm in a spiral, is admitting that I'm in a spiral. Because the moment I can identify the spiral, I'm in a control again. If I'm beating myself up or feeling stupid, I can register it as 'ok, this is part of the spiral. it needs to take its course. you're venting and emotional but you know none of these feelings hold truth and it will pass.'

Obviously, everyone processes differently. I'd love to get to a point where I can start identifying signs of spiraling before it actually hits, but for now, I try not to beat myself up on top of already beating myself up.

I also really believe in having non-screen-time activities to default to -- something you can do with your hands. I'd always recommend calling up a friend not just to 'talk' (because that can totally continue the spiraled venting) but to do an activity together.

Approaching your team:

Ideally, your team and manager should be there to support you but work relationships and dynamics are all different and complicated. I tend to overshare, but that's me. If it's 100% work related woes (i.e. learning a new technology), I'd try to ask for help as soon as I can but also mention how vulnerable it feels to even ask for help. If there are tools you think could help your learning/throught process along, I'd ask if you could be given those resources.

How can tech help:
I mean, so many ways. I think the biggest issue is that there isn't enough $ behind mental health for us to build the tech that we need to create the most impact. It gets political :(


Oh yeah, and I can't believe I forgot to mention therapy. I think everyone needs therapy, even if you're 'not dealing with anything'!!


I think everyone needs therapy, even if you're 'not dealing with anything'

I'm clapping and standing, standing and clapping.

Sometimes I think how lucky one has to be to grow up without any issues at all. You didn't choose when, where and from whom you were brought into this world. You didn't choose any of your relatives. It's a miracle if you grow up unscathed :D I see so many petty problems in my family alone that could be easily solved with a bit of honesty and sometimes therapy.

I'm not sure about the US but in Italy I have yet to see a single politician talking seriously about mental health and putting it in their agenda.

Yes curing cancer is so damn important but also having functional and mentally healthy citizens that are going to be around for 80+ years :D


Sadly, there's entire sectors of the economy where, if you seek therapy or get prescribed chemical-assistance, it can cost you your job.


Therapy = Coaching in my mind. The fact that we even think about our thoughts is something that sets us apart. Accepting coaching from someone outside our own heads is a great way to familiarize ourselves with our thinking patterns, destructive and otherwise.

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