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I really like The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim. It's been on a few reading lists but I think it belongs on all of them 🙃


When I googled that book I immediately had the urge to put on top of my reading list. Thanks.


Jess, this book really should be on everyone's list. It's common sense but is rarely followed by most companies. I had a fun time reading this book, and even lol'd a few times. Definitely a captivating and insightful read.


So, The Phoenix Project now def got a number one place on my list.


The phoenix project should be a must read for all techies.


Just finished reading this book. It's so spot on about managing the workflow and basically everything!


Just finished reading this. It's so spot on about managing the workflow and basically everything!


I loved this book so much so that I purchased two copies

  1. for IT director
  2. for my PM

They liked the book and waiting to see if I can slowly introduce changes :)


The Phoenix Project is such a great book. I can't remember how many times I have read it but every time I pick it up I can't stop reading it.


I do think that it should come with a trigger warning for anyone who has spent time as a sysadmin in a large company! The first third of the book was REALLY hard for me to read, as I’ve literally lead that life.

After you’ve read The Phoenix Project, you should really read The Goal. The audio book is great - it’s like a radio play.

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