Call for DEV Contributors: Posts on front page do not load until scrolled down 🐛

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In the spirit of Hacktoberfest, I'll be regularly highlighting issues in the DEV repo that we could use some help with.

The issue I'd like to highlight today is a tricky bug we haven't been able to sort out. We've had many reports from logged in users that their DEV home feed is not loading properly:

Posts on front page do not load until scrolled down #1805

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Zhao-Andy commented on Feb 14, 2019

When going to the home page, sometimes posts under the first post do not load until you scroll down. The page simply hangs and looks like this: image 1

This seems to happen on Windows 10, Chrome. Possibly related extension is uBlock Origin.

I think that we load the posts with Algolia, so there might be some JS that is triggered by scrolling. Not 100% sure though.

Any additional eyes would be greatly appreciated here.

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For anyone who wants to take this on, it will be a nice discovery in terms of how our home page currently works... which is a bit all over the place.

There's some lightweight info here...

I think this might affect primarily folks who follow no tags (where the logic may not account for this scenario) and therefore nothing gets shown until further scroll-driven logic clicks in.

There are some opportunities here to improve the code by removing some duplication and generally cleaning things up. If you trace this problem you'll encounter plenty of those kinds of opportunities.


Ooh, I was hoping to tackle this issue at some point, but didn't realize it was a complex one.

Curios to see if Colby's PR fixes it.

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