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Discussion on: Measuring progress as a developer

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Jeriel Ng

Couple of things I reflect on:

  • How’s my velocity compared to six months ago?
  • How many bugs am I producing as compared to before?
  • Am I challenging myself to learn how to implement new things every day or am I just implementing things I already know?

At the end of the day, it’s not a matter of how many functions/things you know how to implement in a given language or framework, but rather how much experience you’ve gained in seeing different problems and learning how to troubleshoot and solve them. Over time, the more types of these problems you learn to solve, the more you’ll come to realize they’re all so similar that you can draw from previous experiences to gain insight into solving a completely new problem you’ve never encountered before.

In addition, it’s really important to have 1-1 sessions with either your manager, a more senior developer, or both. If your team doesn’t have a structure for this, I recommend proposing it. This way, you can get feedback on your performance and growth.