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Thanks for your post! I just wanted to give you a heads up that the talk is from 2018, not 3 months ago, and Deno 1.0 was released, not 0.1.0. It's still a very young project, though, and worth trying out and exploring!

I have a starter app of Deno 1.0 using Oak as middleware on glitch at ~hello-oak in case anyone wants to remix and dive right into a fresh Deno app. Given that we're over a decade into using Node, which launched without any real competition it the js runtime landscape of the time, I really don't see this "replacing" Node any time soon.

I'm also curious as to how other folks feel about hard-coding package URLs vs using a package registry. Deno was announced before Entropic was if I recall correctly, and I'm feeling like Entropic is a better response to package management vs eschewing it entirely and hard-coding package URLs - especially if the Deno package ecosystem grows, as they would need to grow the community.

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