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Discussion on: You Can Develop Every Idea You Have - Here's How

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jenn schiffer

Hey Adam, great post and thanks for the Glitch shout-out!

In case you missed it, you can import Github repos into Glitch - just pick "Import from Github" from the new project dropdown.

It would be cool for us to have a drag-and-drop-zip feature too, unfortunately that's not the case yet. In the meantime, I often drag the zip into the editor, find the url of it in the assets section, then open the terminal and run wget [url of the asset] and finally run unzip [name of asset just downloaded].

Hope that helps :D And if you have any other ideas that would make the app creation process easier on Glitch, let me know!

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Adam Holwerda Author

Thanks Jenn! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I love Glitch and think it's a great tool, and I'll be leaning on it more (or at least trying to diversify my tooling a bit) going forward. And I'll definitely ping you with ideas, but you guys are doing a great job!