Getting into software development for me was a big step in my life, and I didn't have a lot of clarity before that.

I literally took a ~28 hour train ride to New York City with no job lined up, no money and only the idea that there was something out there for me now that I had this skill.

On that note, this song is how I felt:

The subject matter in the song is much heavier than what I was dealing with, but in terms of the journey, this is metaphorically big for me.


Hahaha, that's like one of my most favourite song that I wanted to listen when I was a kid during a Saturday morning. Which probably exposed me to rock music as my favourite genre.

Anyway back to to the topic, I think to feel my whole coding journey has been a wild ride starting with my internship at the startup I'm in.

So I believe It's My Life By Bon Jovi is the song I will pick for life is an adventure by taking a risk since we have just one life.


For its sheer mayhem and the song title: We're Where we Were - The Voidz. Always feels like I land back where I started 😆


As a newbie dev I've coded lots of probably hard to maintain code over the years, but they do work when they need to. So probably Leave out all the rest - Linkin Park


I really like listening to soundtracks when I code. I think the social network and inception provide some great backdrops!

Hand covers bruise from the social network gets me started!


This is the song that plays in my head whenever my code doesn't compile or my tests fail :P

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