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Oh gosh so much of what you wrote up there I resonate with. Geocities and Tripod were GOOD TIMES. Dicking around with code before that I was a kludger and never really truly understood how it worked, and maybe even resisted that.

I started pursuing dev professionally in 2016, and like you, React came and went and then stayed. I learned Angular and Vue and also feel I have missed the boat. But it's never too late.

It doesn't seem I can get a job in Toronto for the next 2 years without knowing React, but I'd hang in there. Some people just want a swiss army knife expert in JS, Rails and Python.

I could always fall back on email development or maybe Wordpress if I can't find a proper gig. But I don't feel I have pulled my weight yet.

and yes you are a developer. I am a developer, albeit a shitty one.

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