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Discussion on: Which newsletters do you read?

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Jennifer Lyn Parsons

Great discussion! I'm always on the lookout for more good newsletters.

Brainpickings - non-tech but always thoughtful and interesting

Orbital Operations - a non-technical but technology-oriented author's news. comic stuff, writing stuff, but also very often tech-related thoughts from someone adjacent to the field

Huit Denim - small denim company that puts together an outstanding, inspiring newsletter. Their motto: Do one thing well

Jocelyn K. Glei - newsletter on creativity and productivity

Three Weeks - interestingly curated link dump

So far, I’ve had no complaints - another interestingly curated link dump

Actual tech-related newsletters:

Offscreen Dispatch

Front End Focus

Pony Foo Weekly

JavaScript Weekly

Ruby Weekly

A11y Weekly

The Recompiler

rendezvous with cassidoo

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Raunak Ramakrishnan Author

Great links! I sometimes visit Brain Pickings to see how famous authors, composers and poets manage to produce great works consistently.

Increment is similar to Recompiler. They have a quarterly issue focusing on a particular aspect of programming. The latest one was on documentation.