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Self-Taught Developer Journal, Day 3: Algorithms Dance and Stressed Out

Today I learned....

Algorithms Dance

My co-worker introduced me to this channel, AlgoRythmics, where they recreate algorithms in different styles of dance! Very interesting, never thought about algorithms in dance version.

What kind of developer do I want to be?

I read this article recently on Medium, Advice From an Ex-Tech Recruiter to a Self-Taught Programmer by Angelica Dietzel, where she offered insightful advice to self-taught programmers as a former tech recruiter (if you didn't already get that from the title). There was one portion of the article where she discussed about having a targeted approach when building your portfolio for that stuck out to me. I haven't really put much thought into what kind of company or field I'm interested in so I spend some time today trying to research with not much luck....

At most, I think I made myself more stressed out, whoops. Combined that with a long work day, I did not get a chance to study any coding today :(, not without being miserable anyways. No one said this would be easy. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

Day 2:
Please refer to Starting My Self-Taught Developer Journey for context.

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