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re: It might also mean John doesn't publish what he writes. Also upon further inspection of Jeans code we may find horrible spaghetti code. Your period...

Or it means John has a family and obligations outside of work?

If you are trying to imply Jean obviously has not, that’s not the case.

Free time is not taken from family; it appears because doing OSS and publishing code on GH [roughly] makes anybody a better (and therefore faster) developer.

Better developers have more free time even during working hours. That simple.

That is not true. Good developers use their working hours to get more work done. Not to work on OSS (unless their employer wants them to do that). If I finish my work early (which I regularly do), I pull tickets from the backlog. There is always more work to do.

unless their employer wants them to do that

We have a liberty to choose an employee, the slavery has gone. And I see no reason to work for an employer forbidding OSS contributions.

I pull tickets from the backlog

I am a strong believer in the necessity to grow up as a developer in different areas, which is not always possible just closing the backlog. I advocate doing OSS for the self-growth. And seeing the GH profile that clearly shows such attempts I unintentionally increase the candidate’s “reputation.”

The last but not the least, if I may, why would you bother doing this: github.com/jmkoni/record-collector ? I am sure the answering this question to yourself might shed a light on what do I mean.

Yes? But the employer is paying the employee for their time and expects them to work on, well, WORK while they are at work. And, while you might not see a reason, I've worked at plenty of jobs where my employer did not want me working on OSS during the day. They were perfectly good jobs and I liked what I was doing.

And that project? That was a random code challenge that I decided to put up on my github. Not really OSS... just a garbage Rails project.

You are speaking from a place of IMMENSE privilege and I hope you can recognize that at some point. In the meantime, I am happy to not be working on a team with you.

Also, I'm a terrible example. I don't have kids and actually have 8 hours to work on some dumb project.

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