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re: How To Plan Scalable CSS for Large Projects? VIEW POST

re: Using a utility framework like Tachyons and Tailwind has been the only way I've ever been able to scale a website without also scaling up my CSS ev...

Can you explain how you work with it? With tachyons I get so tired of applying multiple classes to the same divs or headers when there's over 5 views. Do you group the classes and apply them?


I personally use Tailwind, and I generate very immutable and practical classes and reuse them everywhere.

It might seem tiresome "applying" multiple classes to elements, but you would be "applying" them repeatedly in your CSS anyways had you been doing this in a more traditional way! In this way, you're recycling style application across elements.

My personal website is built with TailwindCSS and is publicly available on Github. Here are the links to both!

My Site
Homepage Markup

My tab-switching laziness knows no bounds! You're right. Either way we'd have to write the plain css at least once unless the project is using plain ol' default bootstrappy styles .

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