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re: What are you going to do if/when your position gets automated? VIEW POST

re: Do something harder with the help of AI :)

True, we could be curing cancer or decreasing homelessness :/


Yup which we would need to borrow multi perspective of various mental models to solve problems.

Like for example a data science team doesn't stop with just a data scientist. Instead it consist of a team of statistician, software engineer, psychologist, designer, salesman & marketing professional to make it work.

I believe the world needs more front line social work and interpersonal support, old age support roles as the inequalities increase due to climate change and wealth gaps... could it be that everyone is just a developer but it's as common as a taxi driver and they're sleeping in $1000 rental-tents in San francisco backyards?

Yup which is why we tackle harder & complex problems with assistance from AI :)

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