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re: What are you going to do if/when your position gets automated? VIEW POST

re: Be the one who automated it ;) Maybe I can stay on maintaining and training the automation! And someone's gonna have to write docs and architecture...

Perhaps if it happened overnight, that's an option. Doesn't AWS have a neural trained code review service?

Will we forever keep up with new developments in tech? I imagine 60 or 65 is my cognitive decline point. Maybe sooner. I can see myself still playing with libs and learning about how our machine compatriots think.


Yep, fair points.

I know a lot of switched-on older people, my parents are 65ish and don't strike me as old or slow, so I'm hoping that I'll still be able to pick up things that interest me when I'm in a retirement home!

The biggest threat is that my eyes or hands stop working. But medical science etc. etc

We'll probably all be inhaling JavaScript X via the NextNet directly into our prefrontal cortexes in 2050 anyway

I would like 50 extra brain-processing hours!

And yes, I guess physical or work injury is a real ultimate stopper.

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