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Discussion on: A laundry list of things I never heard of from bootcamp

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jen chan Author

@codemouse92 @joshhadik @airbr I guess as lament-y and laundry-like this post sounds, I realize I am at the juncture of "I-know-enough-to-get-a-job" but "I-don't-know-enough-to-keep-a-career", and the only thing that is get me better is study, practice, patience and taking it as it comes.

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Josh Hadik

As long as you keep learning even after you get a job you should have everything you need to keep a career. Don’t make the same mistake I made after bootcamp (and am still recovering from lol) of trying to learn everything first. It’s good to have some idea of the skills you’re lacking and try to go over them in your off time, but real-world experience is way more important.

I wasted a lot of time trying to learn everything before applying for a job and realized that it's literally a never-ending process. For every one thing I learn I'm introduced to three or more new things I've never even heard of before.