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Exact same situation right now but less gear than you. All my life I've avoided dealing with this. Last night I unplugged and replugged a whole bunch of cords. The condo I am bunking in that's my partner's is small and outlets are in odd spots. I am watching this now and this

I don't have much money, so I'm going with bulldog clips and 3M stickies. Ordered some velcro cable ties online because theres even more loose cables and old obsolescent cords in a stack of plastic drawers we have.

I imagine if I went to engineering school that this would have been clearer to me a decade ago.

I'm interested in how it's going for you by the way.


I bought more clips and try to group cables. I've never found a "clean" solution. Get cables as short as possible, and use easy-to-access clips.

I've since gotten rid of one computer, so it's a bit less messy. Moving some pieces closer, where there's a higher cable rate, also made it cleaner.

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