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re: Sh*tpost: can we stop saying "syntactic sugar"? VIEW POST

re: But wouldn't it be more accurate to call JSX a transpilation source? It's nothing more than React.createElement() under the hood and when run thro...

Being pedantic is good for exploring semantics hehe.

And I was being petty in complaining about 2 seconds in an "Intro to React" video in 2016. I agree that it's more intermediary. I came away with the impression that I had to learn an intermediate syntax that was not-JS,not-HTML in order to use React, and it would be transpiled back to ES5 anyway. Maybe it's not necessary anymore and React has changed a ton since--I don't use it but I'm going to get around to familiarizing myself after I cover more JS fundamentals.

Out of curiosity I just looked:

It's all because of IE I guess. I've derailed. Thanks for entertaining my rant.

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