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re: What should production CSS look like? Share your layout-to-web workflow VIEW POST

re: Great article, thanks, very inspiring! Those are my thoughts: I would use bootstrap (or similar) only for prototypes or small projects without d...

Truth be told I recently used initializr when I had to do something super quick for a friend and it was PERFECT. I am not sure why people knock on frameworks.

Oh yes, good point about the auto-prefixers. Going to update that part in the bullet points.

Until today I always thought the best thing about CSS was showing how crazy specific by naming as many direct parent and children and classes as possible. Turns out this is not true! (womp womp)

I only became aware of scoped styles through Vue, though I have yet to build something to such a scale with so many views and templates where it becomes vastly important and convenient. One day.

Just to confirm about ids--so if I wanted to style a "unique" element, I create a different class?

And just to clarify, when you said "create reusable components" instead of classes, you meant that I should decide on what is Block, Element and Modifier (or the look of something in different states) instead of just arbitrarily creating classes for different visual elements right?


About ids yes, I would just create a different class.

Create reusable components instead of reusable classes I mean that it’s more clean and elegant, in my opinion, to reuse a component or custom element that encapsulates its own style instead of using the same class on 2 different elements, that I guess it’s the same of scoped CSS in Vuejs

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