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I have been, twice. Both offered to give good references after so I find it likely not a performance problem, but in both, I’m pretty sure my overambition and vocal insistence to improve processes and clarify job requirements didn’t help as a squawking junior. The first job was an agency layoff due to a client taking the project back in house. There was no opportunity for growth and leadership was replaced 3x in a year’s time. The second one was just over a week ago, at a an all-remote software company where I’d do support with the promise of moving over to dev. At first I was onboarded a ton like never before, worked alongside devs, did a bit of everything that was lightly technical. Seven months in customer and company growth put me in helpdesk support. Conflicting instructions from multiple leaders made it hard to do my job well and I became occasionally passive aggressive or overexplanatory of new rules given to me. One day I was told over phone I was terminated right away. It was a blow as I liked the people but I think logistically they needed to fill a customer service shortstaff and I couldn’t fit anywhere on their stack. The lessons I learned are that to not make too many suggestions so as not to be seen as critical despite good intentions, but keep the door open for communication. If you see your job description changing lots or measure your impact, it may be time to explore other options.

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