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re: What I learned from only using Select in PostgreSQL VIEW POST

re: The "relational" in a relational database is just talking about the relations inside a table, i.e. the fields which all belong to a table form a re...

YES. You say that more accurately than I did. I would like to update my article with this definition. I was prone to mixing up foreign key names with primary keys. In my head the former exists as the label in a table; the latter is the name of something unique in a table, locally... and this confusion happens when the names are different. (i.e bread_id as a foreign key of a oven table vs in the original table... otherwise just id local to the bread table.)

Starting from mongo with as a scatterbrain: my logic was just shove something in something. And I had only used it on small projects so I think the grievance comes in having to type long queries to find something instead of syntactic SELECT ___ FROM ___ commands, which make much more sense now that I've used it.

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