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Scala+Stellar #6

jemmawson profile image Satsophone ・1 min read

🔙 Last Week

Current SDK

Work is progressing well on SEP-010 for web authentication. stellar.sdk.auth.AuthChallenger can generate a valid Challenge for any account id and convert it to/from JSON.

val serverKey = KeyPair.random
val authChallenger = new AuthChallenger(serverKey, PublicNetwork)
val challenge = authChallenger.challenge(KeyPair.random.toAccountId)

  "network_passphrase":"Public Global Stellar Network ; September 2015"

(Here's the generated challenge transaction)

Next step is to validate the response provided by a client. I'm not yet certain if the SDK will provide the resulting JWT, or if that is best handled by the web framework being employed. I suspect the latter. We'll see!

🍕 Planned (Jun-Aug)

SEP-007 - URI Scheme to Facilitate Delegated Signing
SEP-010 - Stellar Web Authentication
Ongoing SDK rebuild effort.

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