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Discussion on: Lazy man's guide: multiple GitHub HTTPS accounts on Windows

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Git is definitely one of those things that gets painful on Windows. Especially if you're using some GUI client as well.

Not sure how I feel about using SSH config vs git config to select the right key, but I've mostly phased out HTTPS because of the headaches (other than for the occasional quick clone). Thanks for taking the time to dig through this.

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david-zoltan Author

Thanks. This is just exactly how I always felt, and it's the reason I use command line git.

For me starting with HTTPS always feels easier. It requires fewer steps I have to take than the SSH way. While I really appreciate how SSH is considered being superior.

What I discovered is doing-everything-all-the-time-perfect depletes mental and emotional energy and is my main reason for procrastination. So, I decided to enable myself to chose the easy path in certain situations, even if there exists a solution that is considered better. This mentality has helped me to accomplish not-perfect-somethings instead of perfect-nothings.