Created a handy JavaScript Label creator

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So recently a friend requested a label creator like that of the popular CSS framework- Bootstrap, semantic etc. I remembered I had started working on something like that few days ago, this prompted me to finish it up for him and others who might need it.

This post isn't really about the tutorial on how I made it, but just to share my source code and if anyone is interested for tutorial post, I'd gladly great standard one.
See the preview below along with the GitHub repo;

This can be helpful for anyone here. Feel free to use.


View code:


Redesigned it from scratch, no plugin, just HTML CSS and vanilla JS.

I hope you find it useful. 🙌🏼
Do leave a 🌟 star 😁

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Cool demo! I recently did a project in vanilla JS as well. It's a lot more code, isn't it? :)


Thanks Joe. Yea, in Vanilla JS, you'll always have to code everything up from the scratch hence more code. I love the feeling of being the boss of the whole development circle anyway 😄😄😄.

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