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Jedidiah Gabriel
Jedidiah Gabriel

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Digital Poetry Driven by JavaScript.

Hi Devs, lemme start by saying this is not a tutorial. It is my first post to the community, and I want to share with y'all my love for poetry and web development 🧔

I have always nurtured the idea of mixed media back before I thought of coding or even before I knew the word "montage" so I kept the madness from my peers. I used to be always between ear buds getting inspired by Jon Bellion's songs, and down to his art covers. I wondered how I would come about the fusion of different art forms in one piece driven by user interaction in form of poetry.

Then, I started learning JavaScript and never thought the web could be the easiest source to channel my idea. To cut the whole long sad story short—I had to be moonstricken and heartbroken (it took time & some factors) to realize my browser could bundle my media mania.

Everything I did along the lines of trying to figure out my sh*t made me a memorable couplet. And here are a couple of couplets: First poem for a girl and the second. I may not have written the best poem for a glorious presentation, but I achieved my vision.

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Deon Rich

Nice work, I think you've well acheived your vision! The rain noises on the second slide caught me off gaurd! lol

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Jedidiah Gabriel Author

Thanks man 🙂