Pika project allows you to use npm module direct on the browser

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If you are a front-end or fullstack developer who has dealed with the complexity of nowadays bundlers like Webpack or Browserify, you will appreciate this project.

pikapkg / web

πŸ“¦ ✨ Install npm dependencies that run directly in the browser. No Browserify, Webpack or import maps required.


@pika/web β€’ Install npm dependencies that run directly in the browser. No Browserify, Webpack or import maps required


npm on Dec 6, 2018 - "JavaScript in 2018 is somewhat notorious for requiring a lot of tooling to get going, which is quite a reversal from the situation in 2014... All of our survey respondents would like to see less tooling [and] less configuration required to get started."

@pika/web brings that nostalgic, 2014 simplicity to 2019 web development:

  • Simple πŸ’ͺ No bundlers required. Load modern, ESM packages natively in the browser.
  • Flexible πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Handles dependency trees of any size, even ones that includes legacy Common.js packages.
  • HTTP/2 Optimized ⚑️ No more huge, cache-busting bundles. Browsers only download deps when they change.


npm install --save-dev @pika/web
yarn add --dev @pika/web
# 1. Run @pika/web in your project:
$ npx @pika/web
# 2. Replace all NPM package imports in your web

I'm looking forward to starting some pet project to try it out.

What do you think, will be the management of Javascript building tools easier in the next years?

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This is really useful. I imagine this to be handy when starting a project and being able to quickly use native modules and npm-libs without the hassle of committing node_modules to your repo.

Build-tools already got easier recently. With non-ES-module-browsers fading away, I hope to be able to just not use webpack/parcel/etc. at some point.

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