Why is No One Talking About Razzle?

José Muñoz on March 30, 2019

I love working in React, as most people do, I started with Create-React-App (CRA). This provided a big cushion for me to just start working and f... [Read Full]
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A lot of enterprise companies use React. I think it's better not throw in framework war.


Many of them are stuck with it and they are trying to live with it. So they keep hiring people with React skills to apply more band-aid on top of the existing one. That is giving people the impression that lots of companies needs React because it's the way to go. It's not.


Sorry, I really respect your opinion about it, but I can't agree with you have said. If you don't like to use React, just use another framework and avoid to say bad things about frameworks that you doesn't like. React is very useful for me.


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After a quick look at your code on Github I've noticed that you're using jQuery (!) inside React, also, I'm not impressed with your Angular code either, React (I know) is far more readable.

I'll just say that you should get down to the earth for your own good 🙂



Tip for you Razzle is the name of a dodgy Porn magazine in the UK


I read the headline and thought I'd stumbled onto the wrong forum for a second!


Noone is talking about Razzle is because it just works on most cases. So, less time to chat chit and issues.


This is probably true. There are a lot of great libraries and frameworks out there which get very few articles and discussion.

If you want your code to be discussed online, make it overly complicated!



That is some nasty generalization over there.

Your problem is a spaghetti mess that some dev left for you to maintain, not React per se.

I've seen some ugly and hell to maintain Angular and Vue projects too, so what now smartboy?


There is untold story how razzle fixed your React-router.
The true story is short and sad - github.com/jaredpalmer/razzle/blob...


I don't get your point, React-router was never broken for me, and that is a perfect use case for a template literal


When looking for SSR solutions, I noticed the market forced me to abandon my way of doing routing, which meant I couldn't benefit from all the APIs that I get for free with my router.
I had to think about my existing projects, which had gained a certain level of complexity, and re-structure everything to fit in either Next's way of doing routing, or Gatsby's way of using templates for static content.

Yep, there is a little difference between Client Side and Server Side, especially in terms of routing and pre-loading data for the route.
That's not a big deal if your data-fetching layer (GraphQL) support it (via double rendering), and not a big deal if your routing is flat, and you can match route before rendering and do some job to get data you need... But react-router will not work out of the box, and razzle cannot change this moment - it is just wrapping your App with StaticRouter which makes it work, but not making it SSR - compatible.


Hello @Jose,

Razzle looks good, but I didn't find it easy to add it to an existing project. Can you point me pls to an existing tutorial?
Thank you!


You're free to say that React is bad, but telling people how they're just messy and like to write unmaintainable code if they're using React is really dumb thing.

Beside that, saying that React is bad is useless. Bad because of what? I have used Angular, React and Vue and all of them have certain advantages / disadvantages.

I noticed you were criticizing mixing of JS and HTML code; it's not like that actually. What you see as HTML in the React app is actually a syntactic sugar over function calls that create HTML elements (JSX). That allows us to do many thing which wouldn't be possible by plain mixing of HTML and JS (or would be too hard to do).

I would say that Angular is better choice for writing huge web applications because it allows better separation of concerns through services, but that doesn't have to be the case - I have been interviewed by the company which manages dozens of gambling sites with hundreds of microservices in the back-end and uses React on the front-end.

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You're right though. React is garbage.

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