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Discussion on: Writing RSpec tests for great debugging experiences

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Jeff Dickey • Edited on

We left RSpec for Minitest five years ago because we wound up spending 1/3 of our effort writing custom matchers to solve just the problems you highlight. That's much easier to do in Minitest::Spec than RSpec; at least it feels more like Plain Old Ruby and it's easier to onboard new people to the code and tests. I'm starting a small skunkworks project to prove out some new components and practices, and decided to give RSpec another try without writing custom matchers.

The code tools the project set out to evaluate and demonstrate are going gangbusters; RSpec, not so much. I'm not ready to agree with DHH's long-time stance that Minitest (::Unit) is all you need, but if I didn't know about Minitest::Spec, I probably would. Friends shouldn't let friends write RSpec, and yet, here we are.