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Discussion on: Thanks to Other Women, Vicki Coded

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Jeremy Forsythe

I don't know that it makes you feel better, but many of the men at the meetups or conferences also feel intimidated due to imposter syndrome.

It even happens to me when I'm speaking at a meetup. Do I belong on stage, teaching people about things? Even with decades of experience, the intimidation doesn't go away.

It's easy to feel like we're the only person in the room with these feelings but the likely truth is that most of us are sharing the same intimidated feeling in one way or another.

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Vicki (she/her) Author

It's always good to hear about the experience of others. I would hope the imposter thing goes away eventually, but probably not. I think that stems from people expect you to know all sorts of obscure facts. I think it's best to just know that you know your shit.

I understand the stage thing. I think that happens to most people. I have a talk in a couple months, and I'm already freaking out about it. Though, I know what I'm talking about, very well.

I try to talk to the people who look like they're lost. I know that's always helpful.