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My recently loved posts # 1

My recently most loved post from and other sites!

React Cheat sheet
I haven't dig deeper into React yet, but this one is a gem for me! Great to have it printed to keep the codes up!
Link here

Handle JavaScript Events Like A Pro
Events, events, events! Handle it with care. Get an in-depth knowledge her. You've got to master it to be a JavaScript pro.
Link here

5 Websites for color inspiration
For frontend devs & designers, color is almost everything. Find awesome color scheme in these sites. You'll be surprise and they are stunning!
Link here

5 Must-Know JavaScript Array Methods
These methods are indispensable for JavaScript, React, MERN developers. Make sure to master these!
Link here

101 GitHub Repos - Absolute List Of Useful Repos
These repos are gems, dig here and be amazed at the plentiful and useful repos to boost up your skills.
Link here

Create Responsive Image Effects With CSS Gradients And aspect-ratio
I really have difficulties with making images responsive in different displays. Thanks for this!
Link here

100 most asked JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers
Are you preparing for job interviews or you wanted to deep dive into the complexities of JavaScript? These are the go to pages!!!
Link here fort Part 1 & Part 2

That's all for now!


Soli Deo Gloria is a Latin phrase that means **To God alone be the glory*. As a Christian, I do coding & programming for the glory of God alone. God bless you all!

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