What traits or actions would make a Fantastic co-worker in tech?

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  1. Always willing to help and share knowledge.

  2. Someone who leads by example even when they are not a leader. Being willing to go above and beyond just because that is what a good human being should do.

  3. Is Focused on The Goal. Team members that have a clear recognition of the org's Goal and a vision of how they align with and contribute to it. They don't hide their technical knowledge because that business humility means they aren't putting themselves above the Goal. They aren't afraid to admit when they're wrong, or when they don't know something, because being wrong or failing is still a step on the path towards the Goal.

  4. The person who makes others better. Someone who exhibits servant-leadership before they have the leadership title.

  5. Someone who enjoys learning and talking about new things.

  6. Open to ideas and discussions.

  7. Ask questions when they need help and gets things done as a result.

  8. https://theagilecouch.com/2020/05/22/on-good-coworkers-business-humility/

Contributors: Corey McCarty, Steve Hallman MBA, CAPM, PSM, PSPO, PAL, Danny Thompson, Dennis Kennetz, Birenderjit Madan, Lawrence Lockhart

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Kyle Jones

I feel like this is an obvious one but technical competency too. There's nothing worse than being hamstrung by a team member who doesn't have the necessary skills or experience for their position. I don't mean lack of experience with a given language or tool, but fundamental lack of knowledge of their position and/or industry

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JC Smiley Author

Preach on brother, I hear you and agree