How do you organize your code or projects before you start coding?

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  1. Keep a repository to use as a starter template.

  2. Use either old-fashioned paper and pencil or a white board and marketer to visualize the order and logic of the code.

  3. Organize projects with a wire-frame so you are not building blindly. Write down what features you want. Determine what resources/tech needed for the back end, front end, server, deployment, etc.. Form an informal team of application and idea testers. Start with a README to display what the goal of the project is and all the above details.

  4. Boilerplate separate from the primary functionality, test code separate from application code, property files in a resource directory. Keep a workspace directory for each team that I do work for.

  5. Trello & work directory with individual projects

Contributors:Athena Baker, Corey McCarty, Coriano Harris

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