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Hey There Guys,

Today I want to talk about something which I find incredibly useful and feel that every newbie(or advanced user with a terrible memory) should know. It's the man command. So today I will take you through this short tutorial on the command which many of us will appreciate.

All the Unix commands come with a number of optional and mandatory options. It is very common to forget the  complete syntax of these commands.

Because no one can possibly remember every Unix command and all its options, there has been online help available since Unix's earliest days.

Unix's version of help files are called man pages. If you know any command name but you do not know how to use it, then Man Pages are here to help you at every step.

Here is the simple command to get the detail of any Unix command while working with the system −

$man command

Now let us imagine any command for which you want to get help. Assuming you want to know about pwd then you simply need to use the following command −

$man pwd

The above command would display help for you which would give you complete information about the pwd command. Try it yourself at your command prompt to get more detail on

You can even get complete detail on man command itself! Use the following command −

$man man

Man Page Sections

Man pages are generally divided into sections, which generally vary by the man page author's preference. Here are some of the more common sections −

NAME Name of the command

SYNOPSIS General usage parameters of the command

DESCRIPTION Generally describes of the command and what it does

OPTIONS Describes all the arguments or options to the command

SEE ALSO Lists other commands that are directly related to the command in the man page or closely resembling its functionality.

BUGS Explains any known issues or bugs that exist with the command or its output

EXAMPLES Common usage examples that give the reader an idea of how the command can be used.

AUTHOR The author of the man page/command.

So finally, I would like to say that man pages are a vital resource and the first avenue of research when you need information about commands or files in a Unix system.

I hope that I have taught you something today, thanks for reading this and most importantly.

Have a Great Day :)

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