Spontaneous Programming Habit

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Have you ever experienced a sudden, unexpected urge to write some code?

Trust me, if it hasn't happened yet, it will. Furthermore, be prepared because it can come out of nowhere. Let me tell you a short story

It was a cold, dull, rainy day...Yes, it was a summer day in Scotland. I was standing at the bus stop opposite my house and I kept on looking up at the electronic arrivals board. Delayed by 5 minutes "Typical" I said to myself. Looking up at the board again, I had an idea for a project. A Website that displays Expected bus times through an API Pretty simple concept and there was bound to be at least 1 API for it.

I considered going home to grab my laptop so that I could start the project on the bus. But, that would mean that I would have to cross the busy rush hour road.

At that moment, I had a light bulb moment. I whipped out my phone from my pocket, searched up Programming IDE in the Google Play Store and installed 3 of the top results, that included Pydroid 3, Java N-IDE and anWriter free.

I opened up Pydroid 3, created a Flask Server to host the project on, a horn honks, I look up, saw someone waving to a car, but out of the corner of my eye I see a bus, my bus, at the traffic lights 100 metres ahead. I slip my phone back in my pocket and sprint fast as I can to the bus, knock on the door just as the light was turning green and the driver just shrugged at me and drove off.

Long story short, I was 1 hour late to work becuase my spontaneous programming habit kicked in at the wrong time.

However I later learned that I could use it to my advantage, I could work on projects when I didn't have my laptop with me. It also meant that whenever I had that sudden urge to start programming, I could act on it fast, wherever in the world I was.

Now onto the main part of the article. My question for you is:

Have you ever experienced Spontaneous Programming Habit?

Let me know down below in the comments!

Thanks for reading this and Have a Great Day!

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