If you had the opportunity, would you go into Teaching Programming?

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Here in Scotland, we have quite a lack of teachers in Computing, which made me think.

Does anyone on DEV have an experience in teaching or want to get into teaching?

Leave your comments down below!


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Hahaha, I had taught kids previously before I was a professional developer. I had volunteered in Code in Community in Singapore as well in recent years.

I think it's really the soft skills you get to present to kids without them falling asleep to help you train your confidence as a speaker.

The additional benefits are that you get to learn faster because you are forced to prepare and "wing" it despite knowing not a lot of things.

I believe there's Coder Dojo or Code Club in Scotland.


Yeah, I remember a few years ago doing Code club in primary school doing Scratch 😂 That was basically what started me with programming.

Soft skills are definitely essential, you need to be able to engage with pupils.

Great that you volunteered!


Nice you started off young.

I remembered learning to program when I was 16 years old in a trade school using Java.

Back when Sun Microsystem was around before Oracle brought them over.


Teaching other people is awesome. I got a lot of joy out of helping people learn.
The problem is that unless you have a very specific type of setup, the income that you earn is far less than you would be making programming at a company.


Just like writing articles on DEV, I get a lot of Joy out of teaching people here the stuff I know.


This semester I have been helping first year students at my current study with their HTML and CSS project as student assistant. I have been getting a lot of joy and satisfaction from helping them out with their problems and watching them slowly getting a grasp of the (very) basics of web development.

But to be honest I don't know if I would have the energy and patience to be I fulltime teacher. Even after helping out for a couple of days I was mentally exhausted because I was explaining the same things over and over again. 😅

But I can definitely see why some people are so passionate about teaching.


Nice, I'm the same, I'd like to teach but I wouldn't have the patience.


Perhaps more teachers, whether local or online remote on DEV, Khan Academy, Byju's, Udemy, SoloLearn etc. is not what is really needed or the best solution. Perhaps one should be seeking facilitators like Glitch.com, Amazon ECS, mentors, coaches and SOLEs (Self Organized Learning Environments guided by Big Questions). There are also commercial online experiential learning courses by companies like XTOL and Schank Academy.There are supervised course rooms with programmed checklists of tasks to be completed but they rely primarily on an obsolete teaching technology known as books. In 1921 H.G. Wells pointed out in Salvaging Civilisation, Chapter:7 College, Newspaper and Book, the plus points of books vs. lectures. Seek teaching geeks that can use technology rather than tech geeks that can teach.

Roger Schank




I work full-time as developer (bigdata and backend), but I also give classes in school 3 times a week (web-technologies, electronics and electric-guitar-building, ha-ah).

But as I want to teach more people, I also have some meek educational side-projects, most serious of them CodeAbbey - blatant boasting, sorry :)

I dare say that "teaching as a hobby" helps to keep your brains charged. And besides, there often are chances to learn something either from people whom you teach, or along with them!

So you shouldn't say "if ... opportunity"... Search for this opportunity. Create it!


I designed and tought short courses in git, commandline, zsh, bash, splunk, datadog, ruby, over the last few years. My approach was mostly about 'how can I open your mind' to this stuff. -- the challenge is (was) in reaching a person to open them up to coaching, not in the material to teach them.


That's great, from my experience, it's teacher's that open your mind that are the best ones.


Fair question! In Belgium we launched BeCode almost 3 years ago, to help people far away from employment (school dropouts, refugees, people laid off from factories ...) learn coding in 7 months, with the objective to nail a first job as Junior Developers. becode.org/partners
I'm in charge of recruiting trainers. In short, the DNA is "Developers who like more helping people over big salaries". Turns out these unicorns exist and are amazing. In April 2020, we will have trained our thousand junior!

Let me know if you would like more information !


Wow that's pretty big, I like that idea, nice job!


I'm starting teaching programming to kids (Scratch and Python) from next month, really excited about it. It's a bit different because it's in Kyoto, Japan and teaching is in English! So I'm wondering how it's gonna be, let alone programming can be tricky to begin with.

But anyways, it's been by dream right after learning programming at uni.


Years ago I wanted to teach kids coding. I know that during lunchtimes when I was in secondary school I would really have appreciated guidance from professional developers. Because I wanted to give back to the community I offered to teach kids coding at the local school, but instead they got me to sign up for teaching the adult education classes, which was totally not the point. I didn't want to make teaching a full time occupation, but doing it for half a day a week would have been good. You need teachers who are still engaged with the industry I feel.


I taught C language to some of my juniors. They were really confused with pointers, functions and memory stuff. The rest things they understood correctly.


I would go into teaching programming. Teaching is a great way to learn and reinforce learning while also providing value for others.


When it comes to teaching, two usual causes are Money and/or Passion.

If you go just for first - find something else, otherwise - all roads are open.


Exactly, you have to have the passion to teach others or else they will lose interest in you


Leaving is a win-win, basically. :)


Last year I taught seven different 3-day classes on programming. It was one of the most fun, rewarding and hard experiences of that year. 😅


Great to hear that it was enjoyable!


Any day! I am especially good with kids :)


This is my dream! I want to teach programming, calculus, physics, and engineering classes so much!


Great to hear! That's a lot of classes to teach 😂