Happy New Year(I'm Back)

jcowie profile image JCowie ・1 min read

I'm Back.

I've been away for the Holidays and generally just too busy to write anything.

But know I'm back, I've got a tonne of stuff that I want to do, from tutorials to tips and so much more, I'm looking forward to a great year on DEV!

My Tip for you
From the time of publishing, I have 2262 followers here. I get updates on new followers and how many I've earned the past day. I have seen a dramatic drop, from usually getting around 100/day to getting 10 over the holidays.

So if you want DEV Followers, my tip to you is that you frequently post.

That's just my idea on it, I'm sure @ben or any other of the DEV Team can elaborate on this.

Thanks for reading this and Have a Great day!


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Welcome back!!! I love Scotland's nature, people and whisky!!!


Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your 2020 projects/articles!