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Fear not fellow Github enthusiasts, for I have found quite possibly the greatest Repository on Github!

GitHub logo StylishThemes / GitHub-Dark

:octocat: Dark GitHub style

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Your eyes will ❤️ you.


Preview of GitHub Dark


Install Stylus for either Firefox, Chrome or Opera or Cascadea for Safari and then install using one of these methods:

📦 Install the usercss which supports automatic updates and customization.
📦 Install GitHub-Dark Script which supports automatic updates and customization. Refer to its README.
📦 Install manually from GitHub with no customization, but useful for development. The style is in Mozilla format.
📦 Install via custom build with customization from configuration file. Refer to this wiki page.

Additional Userstyles

⚙️ GitHub-Blog-Dark
⚙️ GitHub-code-wrap
⚙️ GitHub-Commit-Limit
⚙️ GitHub-Community-Dark
⚙️ GitHub-Compact-Feed
⚙️ GitHub-Feed-Icons
⚙️ GitHub-FixedHeader
⚙️ GitHub-Selected-Tab-Color
⚙️ GitHub-Sticky-Sidebar
⚙️ GitHub-tab-size
⚙️ Overlay-Scrollbars
⚙️ GitHub Dark Calendar Color Customizer
⚙️ GitHub Dark Diff Color Customizer
⚙️ GitHub Dark Element Borders

Supported GitHub Addons

💾 GitHub Awesome Autocomplete
💾 GitHub Hovercard (set it to dark theme)
💾 GitHub Notifications Dropdown
💾 GitHub Polls

I Love This Repo!

I cannot believe that I have gone so long without knowing of this Repo.

I've literally only been using it for 10 minutes and I can't get enough of it.

Just thought I might share this(I can barely contain my excitement!!!)

Have A Great Day!


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You can also explore Dark Reader browser extension which can turn any website in dark mode.


Yes but in my experience using it on an older laptop or PC makes your browser really laggy and slow.


I second that. Even tho lately I haven't been using it too much. Too often dark background and white letters makes your eyes hurt and can be bad in long term.


Yeah I can't stand any light theme and I have been using 'Stylus' (Stylish back in the day before we learned about their crap) for a long time to write my own themes for sites. Dev already has a dark theme built in that I have been using though, this must have a bunch of added features. It must not be at UserStyles.org because it has multiple authors or it's too advanced maybe? I won't have time to look into for a couple of days so I thought I'd comment/ask. Thanks for sharing.


Nice, you can also save it to your reading list to read later, thanks for the comment though!


Yeah, I did. My reading list is getting way too long and I have very little time... I probably shouldn't be on here right now lol, but this has become one of my favorite places on the web...

I feel the same haha.


Hey guys just started using it, it is very simple to use and instructions are concise and clear.