Comment Below and I will give you a random project!

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Are you tired of the endless stare into your screen as you think of a good project?
Do you wish their was a quicker way?
Well now their is!

Simply comment below:

  • The Language/Stack you want to use
  • Your level of knowledge in the Language/Stack
  • The size of your project(Small: <1 week, Medium: >1 week AND < 1 month, Large: > 1 month)

I'll give you some project ideas that will hopefully spark your interest and all is good!

Feel free to help others down in the comments and offer suggestions.

Have a great day!


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To be hones, that what I was looking for, I would love to do it!

  • Front - React | Back NodeJS (express)
  • Newbie on both. I do have experience with vanilla JS (quite a lot if I can say so) and Vue (if it helps lol) and I have done a GET using node express :D
  • Lets start with a small to medium project, like a week or so?

I want to step up my react game and start learning node so I can do more stuff than transitioning elements.

Thanks! :D


Ok, here's a cool one - How about a Web Pacman game, complete with leaderboards?


GOSH, never in my entire dev career I made any kind of game. I don't even know how to start and I'm liking it! I will let you know about my progress.

Great! Glad you like it.

Try p5.js, with express-ws for realtime websocket routes.


Sounds cool, let's try it

  • frontend (probably react, but I may decide to use Svelte instead, to learn something new), Go (backend).
  • Let's say I am an expert, worst case scenario I just learn stuff with it :)
  • I would start with a small project

Saw this on DEV quite a while ago - Found it fun to make. A Movie search app that uses React hooks.


Stack : Symfony / VueJS
Level of knowledge : PHP : senior / Symfony : I already did things with older versions / VueJS : beginner
Size : between 1 and 2 weeks if possible, Small if I absolutely have to stick to the sizes :D


An online shopping website, take it to the next step by taking mock payments and storing details.


Impressive !
How do you know that in my job I make online shops (using Magento) ?

The same way I know that you made an e-commerce app in your second year of SRC for selling geeky t-shirts.


Front - Javascript, Vue
Medium/advanced - but because I dont know anything about canvas(I would like to have a project to build with canvas prefer build a game without using any game engine
large project

The way I learn things Is building something really hard, so if you have ideas for games to build with HTML5 canvas


A version of the game "Breakout" Make it unique somehow though, also add a leaderboard to make it harder.


I want to make a game...never done this before but tired of learning I want to implement now

  1. Well I am still a freshman..I only know C,C++ and Java
  2. Front - Basic web development Including JavaScript
  3. Backend - I only know Php for now
  4. Also good at problem solving and worked with SQL...hope small project will be enough

Ok, how about a game of 2048. Either a web app/desktop app/command line.


I never thought of this!!
Thanks for suggesting!!


Sounds fun!

Python (Django) web app project. I usually stick with Django's vanilla html with bootstrap, but let's try something new and do a Vue front end?

I'm intermidiate/advanced with Django, beginner with Vue.

A smaller project - but something different (please don't say url shortener or to do list). :)


An online hotel booking database. Might be a bit tough to fit into a week but it can be done.


Cool! Thanks for the idea! :D


I used to make restful api with django and django-rest-framework, and this days i start discovering FastAPI, so i want to make a new project with it 🙄.
Let's see what will you suggest for me 🤔🙏. Thanks


yep, it sounds interesting
i'll try to make it and of course share it with you


1) React on front with python in backend
2) intermediate in react and newbie in python (worked on php before)
3) Project Size small to medium

want to do a python project for a long time but was out of ideas


A pinterest clone


Whats the estimated time for it ?? :)

Personally I would spend around a week on it, depending how much functionality you want it to have.


Here we go:

  • Front: React | Back Go
  • New to both, have lots of experience with Python, C++, and Java.
  • How about something that takes a day or two?

I really want to get better at web dev and make some cool hobby projects.


A game of blackjack on the web


Language: Python
Level: Beginner
Size: Small

Let's see if there are any ideas for this newbie to practice :D


I know I'm not the OP, but you could give Processing for Python a shot and make a "Catch the fruit" game, nothing too complex, as soon as a form collides with other, increase a counter and that's it.

There's a bunch of information about Processing and how to use it with Python, I've also read that you have a hard time with math but enjoyed Geometry, so there's a mixture of that in this problem.

Enjoy! :)


I love it! Work is killing me for the past week, but I'll give it a go whenever I'm free. Also, thanks for caring enough to look into my profile and give me an idea based on what I like! :)

Anytime. Se quiser, eu poderia ser uma especie de mentor uma vez por semana.
Stay positive!

opa, eu adoraria! vamos conversar :)


An CLI ATM machine. Great for learning the standard algorithims!


Me me!

  1. C#, dot net, blazor. Would like to learn more Blazor.
  2. Medium level expertise.
  3. Small.

Something like pastebin could work quite well for that.


Sounds reallt interesting

Front - React | Back - Node.js

I want to get better with React since I'm backend developer but wish to be fullstack someday.

Knowledge: React - medium | Node - high

And for size I'd prefer medium because I feel small project wouldn't let me develop react skill the way I want.


OK, a website where users can share lyrics to famous songs, I done this but I used Angular instead of React. Focus on the styling of the website if you want to develop your Frontend.


Stack: Android
Level: Intermediate
Size: Small and fun


A choose your own path story, like if you've ever read those books that have multiple endings depending on the choices you make.


Very cool idea to be honest! You're good at this :D Start charging money for this haha

Pfft, it's tougher than I thought.


1)Spring boot, Java, Javascript
2)spring boot, js - beginner, java - intermediate
3)Small :)


A todo list:
Make it a Web app for JS
Make it a desktop app for Java


let's try it.
Language/Stack: Js (Nodejs and Meteor) front end can be done in blaze(meteor), jquery, react for web and for application react-native or flutter.
Level: intermediate
Size of project: Medium


A reddit clone, make sure to have functionalities such as subreddits, user reporting. Really try and add as much stuff as you can.

  • ruby/rails
  • intermediate ruby/newbie rails
  • medium size project

A mock dev.to website


Should I be mocking look-n-feel, or functionality? I'm more inclined to the latter, but I associate mockups with the former. Maybe a shameless reverse-engineering, but with tweaks on both ends.

Since you want a quick project, I would reccomend working on the look-n-feel. Functionality takes a lot longer to do.


2 Intermediate
3 medium


An online foodstore!


Dart/ Flutter


A forum website


Very interesting idea!

  • MERN
  • Medium level on React and Advanced level on Backend/Database tech.
  • Small for a while

My goal is to upgrade my React knowledge


A social media site, expand it as much as you can within your time.


A project idea for you now. Create a bot to respond to all the comments with an idea. :)


That'd be handy 😂


Well, let's try it.

I'm main backend developer and always worked with Java but I wan't to learn a new backend language. So...

Stack will be something with:

Backend Python (zero knowledge) or Kotlin (zero knowledge, but I know the java framework and libs)
Frontend Vue or React (zero knowledge on both)

Medium project, to test more things =)

Yeah, I'm really undecided on what to learn hahahaha


Android / Kotlin, my level of knowledge on platform 6 / 10, a week to a month will be ok for project size.


A dashboard for managing your websites, functionalities such as Pinging it, counting hops to the host etc, health of website etc...


Hey there!

  1. JS, Node, React, Mongo (MERN)
  2. Intermediate knowledge
  3. Large project

Android / Kotlin, My knowledge of platform 7 / 10, project size 1 week to 1 month will be ok.


See your previous comment


Hi, thanks for doing this i can't wait to see what i have to do :)!

  • Mid -> Advanced
  • Medium
  • React Native / Apollo Express GraphQL Backend
  • I just got into React and React Native coming from Vue, GraphQL Backend is what I currently learn a lot
  • small to medium size

I'm thinking something that takes an API and turns it into graphical data. Maybe an API for flights, public transport or I'm sure NASA must have one.

  • Python/Django
  • Beginner
  • Small - Large

I'm collecting exercises and resources for a Go challenge. So I'd like to give a try:

Go, beginner, Medium


Stack: Dart/Flutter


Frontend- ReactJS
Backend- Django,Python

Intermediate level in both python and django

project size upto 1 week