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I like Python, a lot.

I like it because it's fun to use, and because it makes solving complicated problems easier than it would be in other environments. Python has this astonishing ability to "just work", even when your problem is ridiculously complex.

I like it because its syntax is clean and free of clutter and completely sensible (mostly). I don't get the people hung up on the whitespace thing -- I thought that would bother me at first, but within the first 5 minutes of using the language I completely forgot about it. Complete non-issue.

I like it because it has an extensive ecosystem.

I like it because its core data structures are simple, sensible, and easy to use.

I like it because its runtime is solid and performs well enough for nearly everything I need to do.

I have my quibbles -- the standard library modules are oddly inconsistent in places, there are some strange gaps in functionality that crop up from time to time, datetimes are harder to use than they should be, the whole Python 3 debacle, the package management system is a bit of a mess, to name a few -- but no language is perfect.

I've built two large projects with it:

  1. A set of Python bindings to a (now very old) hierarchical storage management system API, written in C. I used SWIG to create the Python interface on top of the C API. I also built apps on top of that interface.

  2. Back end services for an extremely large financial services enterprise, mostly concerned with managing an execution framework for evaluating mortgage loan portfolios.

I've built countless smaller projects with it, mostly command line-type utilities that I might normally use a Unix shell scripting language for.

I haven't done any web dev with Python (yet), so can't comment on Django or other web frameworks.


Interesting, when I saw storage management systems I thought of numpy, due to it's array database style functions. numpy though I am a bit of noob when it comes to python.


Brilliant. Thank you for the detailed response! I like the clean syntax and sensibility of it as well.

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