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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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John Colagioia

I just--as in about an hour ago--published what's basically the last of a series of weekly posts ( digging into the various free software social networks, today's post going through the highlights across the networks and what I think most of them could benefit from adding. The Practical Dev even got a quick mention as one of the modern systems that isn't quite what I'd call a social network (even though I'm probably wrong about that), but intentionally tries to encourage community through structural approaches.

I'll probably continue the Saturday morning posts (less regularly, after three and a half months) digging into some of the more interesting/important features and adding to my list when I spot a new network. But the project as I envisioned it is now done.

The wildest find in this search, I think, was gitgeist, a social network that uses a git repository for its database and communications protocol.